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Sewing Chest Giveaway

I’m a sucker for yesteryear. Things that are old appeal to me. Not because of their age but because of the tale attached to it. I hold my mom’s clothes dear to me NOT because of the year she wore them. The years 1990, 1992, 1998, and 2003, those numbers are useless. What I hold dear is the tale the garment tells. When I look at a flared white skirt with a border print at the bottom hem, I remember the birthday party she wore it to. She was turning 47 and it was a “surprise” birthday (she planned it herself but made sure she looked surprised when entering). The same goes for my clothes too. I don’t throw away clothes. Instead, I store them in a box. One, because it saves space, two, because I use old clothes for fabric, and three, because I often “shop” my old clothes. Every time I dig through my stash, there is always one garment I pick up with both hands, hold up, and think upon the tale it tales. “Oh, this Marc Jacobs tee… I wore this with a plaid Bebe skirt Christmas morning when I received a white pair of sunglasses and a Juicy Couture Charm bracelet.” (I was SO brand obsessed back then).

This also applies to things that I acquire. My grandpa is a flea market junkie. His finds are varied and many times questionable. One time, he bought a wedding dress for $2. Is he getting married? No. Are any of his daughters getting married? No. But the deal was good and no Flanigan passes up a good deal. One of his finds, which I inherited, was a sewing chest. Boxed up and pictured above, this thing lived in the trunk of my car for a good six months. I had no use for it – I was waiting for something to come up to decide what to do with it – until I starting thinking about the tale of who owned this before me and the tale of the sewing chest or cabinet. Why would someone want to give this up? Although I didn’t have the biggest liking for this thing, a part of me kept it just because it was sewing related. It’s hard for me to think that others are not into sewing like I am.

Also, the tale of the sewing chest is an interesting one. The sewing chest or in some cases, cabinet, became popular in the late 1770s/early 1800s. A sign of refinement, ladies attended “sewing parties” where they gathered around a table and stitched for hours. The sewing chest allowed the ladies to travel from home to home and carry all of their supplies with them in a stylish way. Like a Louis Vuitton backpack would do – travel in style.

I’ve written the tale for this sewing chest as much as I can and now it’s your turn. The “something” that I was waiting to “come up” has occurred – I want to give it to one of you. No Facebook “like” is necessary – this giveaway is not about that. If you want this sewing chest, for whatever reason, leave a comment and that’s it. The tale has begun but where is will end, I don’t know. Let’s write it together.


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    What a great idea for a giveaway!
    I’m the same way with old clothes (both mine and my mum’s). I sometimes wish I didn’t have such a good memory! My boyfriend throws everything away and I think his life if simpler for it, but I just can’t do it!

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    Amanda Adams

    I love the idea of a sewing chest! I inherited a beautiful wooden glory box from my gramma that was her mother’s before her. It was covered in the most atrocious fabric on the top but I noticed a loose stud and had a peek underneath and there was a gorgeous brocade covering the lid. My mum and I worked at getting the hideous fabric off and it is now on display at their house (so very hard to move interstate). It’s filled with my mother’s old sewing fabrics that I raid periodically. I love it!

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    So cool! I love sewing chests/boxes! and I LOVE to sew! Thanks so much for hosting the cool giveaway!

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    Nora :)

    Nice! Enjoy the holiday!

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    Lovely giveaway! 🙂

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    Oh my! That chest is so wonderful. I can’t believe you are giving it away, but, thanks!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Wow..what a lovely giveaway!

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    Sounds to me like the ladies of yesteryear and their sewing parties knew how to have a good time 😉

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    Christy Brown

    I love the idea of the sewing chest. All my useful sewing stuff is in a tub and it’s a huge pain.

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    Hannah Benjamin

    I do the same thing! I’m terrible with dates but I can always remember exactly what I was wearing and trace back in time that way 🙂 Like – I paid that bill the day I wore my black dress and lace pumps…I love it. This sewing box looks delightful! Awesome giveaway.

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    Yes please! My sewing space takes up half of my living room since there isn’t a lot of space where I live, and a place to store things would be super helpful.

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