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Weekend: Meeting My Best Sewing Friend


I’m very much a homebody, and this summer has thrown me out of my element. It was just a month ago that I spent a week in Paris, and since being back, I’ve been all over the place, traveling here and there for sewing and photography gigs, visiting friends, and just taking a break for myself. Last week, I was in Lambertville on Saturday, Philly on Sunday, New York on Monday, Philly Tuesday through Thursday, Los Angeles Friday and Saturday, then back to Philly on Sunday. Four cities in seven days – even writing it makes my head spin! Oi vey! But being slightly uncomfortable and not in your comfort zone is a good thing, or so my Aunt Ginny said when I told her about my traversing. For me, that’s especially true, since I try to stick to plans and to-do lists. These past few weeks I’ve learned a lot about handling myself as well as my workload when I am out of my normal routine and well, living life. L-I-V-I-N.

So let’s talk about California! I was only there for a hot second, not even a hot minute. It’s how I roll – in and out. Ninja style. During the less than 36 hours I was there, I squeezed in time to meet one of my favorite bra making ladies, Natasha.

Natasha and I have known each other for a little over 2 years, maybe even longer. We really became close recently when we both got into making lingerie and started the Bra Making Forum. Now, we know talk almost every day and our conversations aren’t just about bra making – the best way to make bone broth (add chicken feet!), cats (RIP Cosmo) and you know, other girly, sewing nonsensical stuff. It was such a treat to meet her in person. FINALLY! She picked me up for LAX and took me to get a quick bite to eat at Good Stuff in El Segundo. Then, we headed to SAS Fabrics in Hawthorne. I didn’t buy anything, but she purchased donut printed lycra. DONUT PRINTED LYCRA! She plans to make a bra with matching hot pink straps.

The remainder of the weekend was just as special and I made the most of my limited time, hitting up The Warner Brother Studio and Santa Monica on Saturday. I’ve been to California and I forgot how beautiful it is. I want to go back!

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    Piper Springs

    LA Mood is amazing! Did you die over the leathers and the notions wall? How about the silk collection?

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      We only had time for SAS, but if there is a next time (I hope there is), I will check out Mood! I’ve been to the one in New York several times.

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    DONUT BRA? I really hope Natasha posts photos on the fb forum that sounds amazing

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      It is going to be amazing!

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      Natasha Estrada

      Oh I will complete with inappropriate donut placement. Mood LA was on completely the opposite side of town so yeah we only had time for SAS. Though if you’re buying leather at MOOD I would suggest checking our Sav-Mor Leather on Wall St in Downtown LA you’ll find the quality and price per square foot more favorable. I’ve found the clerks at Mood to just make up the prices for the leather based on how it feels.

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