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Sewing History: Tracing Paper


This was another treasure I found at The Resource Exchange, a thrift shop in North Philly where I bought the fabric for this dress for $4. Costing 10 cents, it was an easy decision for me to purchase, as I wouldn’t have to cut corners anywhere else in my budget to afford it. Will I use the tracing paper? No? Will I save the tracing paper? Yes. In some ways, sewing has evolved leaps and bounds but in other ways, it has stayed exactly the same. Seamstresses back in the 1950s used tracing paper to mark their pattern’s lines, notches, and other markings and seamstresses today do so too. And you know what? I like that consistency through the decades. It’s refreshing to find things that remain static in a day and age where every grows exponentially.

tracing paper2


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    erin goh

    I still use this type of coloured paper to transfer a pattern sometimes πŸ™‚

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    Wow, such a neat little find!


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    Natasha Estrada

    I’ve never used tracing paper

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      Maddie Flanigan

      I am interested to know what you use?

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        Natasha Estrada

        Tailors tacks, an awl and chalk.

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          Natasha Estrada

          And magic. Primarily magic and arrogance

          • Maddie Flanigan


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    Me, either!

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    emily marie

    I am definitely tracing paper obsessed. It lasts for so long that I’ve only ever bought one roll in the last eight years! Such cute packaging on this find!

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