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Scrapbook: Sewing, It’s a Lifestyle, Not a Diet

sewing scrapbook

I don’t like the word diet because it implies a temporary change or a quick fix. A lifestyle, on the other hand, is a word that I accept into my vocabulary because it implies a way of living that is to stay and a way of carrying out day-in and day-out activities with brevity and ease. No thought, just do. I’ve had many friends who went on a sewing diet, telling me they bought a sewing machine and want to start making their own clothes, but once I start talking lightweight interfacing, poly-wrapped thread, and muslins, sewing wasn’t so attractive. Also, when they finally completed a simple A line skirt, they realized that making garments isn’t easy. Just like there are certain people who take their food without meat, there are certain people who take their lives without sewing. That’s not me! I’m not on sewing diet, I’m living a sewing lifestyle!

Are you wondering where I got all the sewing ephemera for my scrapbook? Lisa Cook!Β With a penchant for collecting anything vintage, she was a home economics teacher for 35 years before retiring and opening her shop, Souvenirs from Lisa Cook, in 2007. Her and her husband attend as many flea markets and antique shops to find the best old world treasures and can you believe this – her husband carries all the goodies in a backpack while Lisa shops. What a gentleman! Β According to her, she uses her twin guest beds for arranging her packs. She gathers ephemera, papers and goodies on one bed and do the final arranging on the other. It’s a little trick she learned from Lesley Riley, a quilt and mixed media artist.Β If you’re in the market for good quality sewing bits for your own scrapbooks, you have to check her out. She’s good!

sewing scrapbooksewing scrapbooksewing scrapbooksewing scrapbook

sewing ephemera


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    Sewing is a lifestyle, a philosophy, something that makes you fulfilled deep inside. It took me a while before figuring this out because as a man, you’re not expected to fall for something like sewing (I know, life cliches!). Love the pictures by the way, very pretty!

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    Natasha Estrada

    Sewing and steak is the way I live my life.

    Those Time Life books she has in her etsy store imho are a much better reference that the vogue sewing ones.

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    “A sewing lifestyle”, that’s a perfect way to put it!
    I love the sweetness and color palette of this scrapbook page, especially that lovely floral background!

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    Lisa Cook

    Thank you so much for the shout out, Maddie. You made an appealing collage with the vintage sewing pack!
    I think sewing with all its parts and pieces is akin to creating
    scrapbook or journaling pages with their inherent parts and pieces. I
    hope your readers explore creating with paper!

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    Nancy Daquino

    I thought I was the only one with the dual twin bed layout technique! Just discovered your blog, which I’m enjoying very much.

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