P3101845 Pretty Shoelaces

Absolutely and utterly adorable, right?

P3101841 Pretty Shoelaces

This is the easiest, simplest, cutest, and most lovely DIY. I bought these loafers at Forever 21 over the holidays and by March, I had yet to wear them. Something about them was drab and not fun. The color, the metal grommets, the patent leather. I couldn’t pinpoint its dreariness. Then I relaced them with some fancy, feather-edged, black ribbon and realized they just needed to be perked up. That’s it. That’s all.

There really is no explanation needed for this tutorial. All you need to do is find some fancy ribbon, twill tape, or some sort of string and relace your shoes. After, you can ogle in wonder at their amazingness (this last step is a must).

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