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Sierra Sew Along Starts Monday!


My first sew along for the Sierra bra starts Monday and pretty I’m pumped. A few people have posted or sent me photos of their iterations, which is only fueling my excitement. Ironically, I’m a little nervous too. Okay, okay, I get nervous minor things like dirty floors (Lauren can back me up on this one), but still, I’m nervous. As I was writing the posts, I kept thinking, “Did I cover it all?”… “Will they understand this?”… “Was that the best angle?”

It’s pretty standard for indies to host a sew along with the release of a pattern, and I think they’re super effective and what differentiates us from the big pattern companies. Sewing related or not, if I want to learn something, my go-to resource is YouTube. I’m a visual learning. Text does stick unless I have pictures or a video to go along with it. So, let’s do this Sierra sew along!

Will you be making a Sierra? If so, have you picked out your fabric and trims? Please share to get me even more stoked! And if you haven’t heard about the sew along and want to learn more and/or join, click here to read all about it.

lace above from Tailor Made Shop


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    Ha! I was just talking about your dirty (or lack thereof :)) floors yesterday! I wish j cleaned when I got nervous – my house would look so much better. Instead, I eat 😀 miss you!!

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      We so need to catch up! Maybe I’ll come over and clean your floors? 🙂

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    Sorry can’t join you on this one, will have to wait for your curvier tutorial/pattern but lots of luck anyway :~)

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    How much variation in rib cage diameter (for the below bust portion) is there among sizes? I think I’m just having a hard time convincing my brain that a size large is appropriate for my 36″ chest… Which is not to say that I don’t trust you, and really a reflection of my own perceptions about my body and fairly little boobs. 😉

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      If you’re worried about underbust support, I suggest finishing the bottom edge with an elastic instead of outlining the scallops with a zig zag stitch. The sew along will explain the zig zag method (the not elastic), but you can follow Ying’s version – https://instagram.com/p/7bwbuWPbFF/?taken-by=desimages – this will add more support for your 36″ chest.

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        Thank you! Bought my supplies today, I’m excited to start!

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    I’m thrilled to be joining! I’d already ordered some stretch lace so I’m going to use that as a test run, and I’ve ordered the findings kit. I cannot get over how much I love this bra and how grateful I am that you’re doing all this for us! This will also be my first bra. I have some Ohhh Lulu patterns and I’ve somewhat sewed together Jasmine, but I haven’t done the elastics or straps yet because the interlock fabric wasn’t as stretchy once I cut and sewed it, so the straps don’t meet in the back. I have made Ohhh Lulu undies so I hope that helps me with the elastic application. 😀

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    Suzanne Alise

    I am very excited about this sew-along! I just ordered enough lace, lining, and findings for two bras. It’ll be my first time sewing lingerie! I am grateful that you are offering patterns for my body type. I do not usually wear soft bras though, and I am a little nervous that nipple-show may be a problem.

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    I’m planning on making a Sierra in swimsuit lyrica as a bikini top 🙂
    I think it’s going to look pretty fantastic

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      You are going to take the beach my storm! Ow Ow!

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