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Sierra Sew-Along: Day 3


Happy FRI-YAY! We are almost finished with the Sierra bra. Woot woot! Today, we will complete the last step – making the straps and attaching the hook and eye. Although the finish line is in site, a lot can go wrong. Ask me how I know! Not to fear, I am going to show you my tried and true methods.

The straps for this bra are different from straps for most other bras in that there is only one, and it has two sliders so that they’re still adjustable on the left and the right side.

First, wrap each strap point around a ring and sew a bartack ¼” away.


Feed one end of the strap elastic up and through the bottom of one slider, over the center bar, and then down through the other side. It should look like a belt buckle, with one short end and one long end. Fold the short side down and stitch and sew a bartack. Trim close to stitching.


Turn elastic over and pull the long side through the ring of one of the strap points. Then weave up and over center bar again just like step 1.


After, feed the elastic up and through the other slider just as you did in the first step. Then, pull the end through the ring of the other strap point. To finish, you’re going to have to work backwards, and it will be a little tricky. The only way I can get it is to visualize it, pin in place, and then sew.


Now to the hooks and eyes. You can attach either the left or the right side first – it doesn’t matter – but the eyes always go on the left side. An easy way to remember this is the word eyes has 4 letters, and the word left has 4 letters.

Open tape of the eyes or the hooks and spray adhesive such as Odif’s to the inside (or use a glue stick to apply a thin layer). Using a temporary glue is super helpful with keeping everything in place while sewing and way better than using pins. It is also really hard to pin through all those layers without distorting the fabric, making topstitch a straight line very difficult.


Next, wrap the eye over the raw edge and press in place. Before sewing, switch your needle from a ballpoint to a universal size 16. Since the hook and eyes are very thick and don’t contain LYCRA or spandex, you will get skipped stitches if you use a ballpoint. After, sew using a straight stitch or a zigzag stitch 1/8” from the tape’s edge.
For the hook side, you’re going to attach the same way as the eyes, except that when you sew, the hooks MUST face up. Also, you might have to adjust the position of your needle so that I can get sew the topstitching 1/8” away from the edge, but that varies from machine to machine.

That’s it! We’re finished! Please, please, please share your bras on Instagram with the hashtag #bramakingwithmadalynne. Also, enter to win $25 to Bra Making Supplies by tagging both of us (@mmadalynne and @bramakingsupplies) with your Sierra. Winner will be chosen at the end of October.



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    Hi, thanks for the sew along and pattern – it’s really fun. I’m hoping to get mine finished this weekend! I’m struggling a bit with visualizing how it should look though. There are lots of close-up pictures, but especially in day 2 & 3, none that give you an overall view/finished product. Maybe this is deliberate on your part? I just keep thinking that I wish I could zoom out 🙂

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      If you go on Instagram and look up the hashtag there are tons of “zoomed out” pics 🙂

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      Check the hashtag #bramakingwithmadalynne to see zoomed out photos.

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    Rose Cherry

    I’m still waiting for my findings kit. Mail comes by turtle in my area. I hope that the bra sewing is faster than mail delivery! Thanks for the sew-along.

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      You’re very welcome. I’ve LOVED seeing everyone’s version and can’t wait for yours.

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    I think you will find that the hooks should face down, not up.

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    I’ve just found your blog. Love your tutorials. The pictures and instructions are really clear and easy to understand, especially for getting the bra elastic right. 😀

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    Could you include a photo or two showing the last steps? I haven’t sewn lingerie before and it helps to see how you’ve topstitched etc and just get a visual going.

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      Can you clarify – how I topstitched what? I want to get the right photo.

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    Oh my gosh, I love it! I actually shrieked when I tried it on “it fits!!” And so pretty (not to mention sexy)! I haven’t had a new bra in soooo long because I keep thinking I’ll make them 🙂 Well, I finally did – made this in one afternoon. I don’t instagram, so sorry no pic (ha ha, also mine is fairly see-through). I didn’t even have optimal materials – 6″ wide lace, too-wide picot and fusible knit instead of mesh; this was a happy experiment. Thank you a million times over for sharing the pattern and making the tutorial!!

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      Oh I love reading your excitement! I’m so glad you made one and I hope you make many more!

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        Well, then l felt like I was on the roll so the next day I made a Mallori Lane! That one gave me a bit more trouble – I need to tweak it to my size for next time. But it’s comfy and I will still happily wear it! Looking forward to making more and trying out a few other soft bodied bra patterns in the near future.

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    amazing! hope to make one like this one day <3

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