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What I Made: Mira, A Simple Triangle Bra


Have you ever started a project while in the middle of another project? This was that. I’ve been knee deep in creating content for all things Simplicity related that most of my sewing lately has been going towards blog tutorials, Instagram posts, samples for workshops. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE working on that sort of stuff. I especially love seeing what comes of it – all the beautiful bras + undies that y’all make. This means I’ve had zero sewing time for me. Sigh. I recently got my hands one badass coverstitch machine, which I’ll be telling you more about soon, so this past Monday, I decided to take her for a spin. There are a few mistakes here and there, mostly on the coverstitch portion, but considering it was my first time using that machine, I’d give myself an A. An E for effort too 😉

Before I get to all the details, I’d love to hear if you have an easy, go-to project. Maybe you bake, scrapbook, or clean? Ask my students, I have been known to start sweeping or tidying up in the middle of bra workshop. What? I like to be tidy!

Fabric + Trims:

Pattern + Construction:

  • Traced the cup portion from this Urban Outfitters bra.
  • Vertical seams on cups finished using this method.
  • Cups attached to the bottom band using the coverstitch. I won’t get into much details about that as I have a tutorial coming up very soon about coverstitching.
  • Bottom band elastic encased inside a self made tube, which was a poly something (you never know what you’re getting at Jomar!). The shirring ratio was about 2:1.
  • Straps attached at top of cups and approximately 2.5″ away from center back.
  • No hooks and eyes! Woot woot! I have a neat way of finishing the band so that everything is nice and clean, which I’ll be showing how to do in that coverstitch post.

This is a wearable muslin. It fits fine, but I haphazardly sewed it together. There was a lot of trial and error going on as I was testing out the new machine. I’ll definitely keep it – the colors are so darn pretty! – but there’s definitely another one in the future.

FYI – velvet straps are super pretty and soft, but not very supportive. Beware if you’re a larger cup. You’ll definitely get bounce in your cups!
triangle bratriangle bratriangle-bra-5triangle bra


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    This is gorgeous!!

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      Simple CAN be gorgeous 🙂

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    This is absolutely lovely! Very inspiring.

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    An A for the outcome, but an E for efforr? Why are you scoring yourself so low for effort?

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    this bra reminds me of the Victorian era. It must be for the intricate details.

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