what i heart now2 How Slubby Knits Are Made

Slubby knits. Slubby knits are called such that, slubby, not because they’re lazy (although I do think walnuts are lazy) and not because I usually wear them on my laziest of days (Sunday is my favorite day to cozy up in these types of knits). Slubby knits are given its name because of the once imperfect but now intentional process it undergoes while being made. Regardless of how it’s made, when I wear it, or why I wear it, slubby knits are what I’m hearting as of late, especially since spring is on its way (yay!) and I’m opting for lighter pieces.

I thought it would be neat if I explained the process of how slubby knits are made and why the process it undergoes gives the knit its name rather than just providing links to my favorite slubby knits. So here goes ladies and gents

A yarn’s life begins when groups of fibers are detangled and cleaned in a process called carding, or combing. After carding, the fibers are then grouped together into a thick rope of loose fibers called a sliver. These slivers are then pulled and twisted many times and at high speeds to create finished yarns that are then wrapped around spools or cones. During the spinning process, when slivers are pulled and twisted, small lengths of fibers sometimes adhere to the yarn in an inconsistent manner. Over the course of a bolt of fabric, this creates a knotty and lumpy texture and pattern. This pattern or texture is the pattern or texture on a slubby knit. Neat, huh?