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Soul Makes Christmas & Birthday Giveaway

soul makes

According to history, dreamcatchers change a person’s dreams. When hung over the bed, it only allows good dreams to filter through and catches bad dreams in its net, which disappear when daylight hits. Well, can I extend the mythology and apply it to sewing? If I hung a dreamcatcher above my sewing machine, all four of them, would it only allow good garments to be sewn and banish all the bad ones to the Land of Horrid Me-Makes? Gosh, I sure hope so, because that would save me a lot of time and thread.

Christmas is tomorrow and two days later, it’s my birthday (I’ll be 26-years-old. Can you believe it??). To celebrate, Soul Makes is offering one reader a dreamcatcher. Dreamcatchers are not necessarily sewing related, but it could decorate and bring good vibes to your sewing skills and sanity. To enter, like and/or follow Madalynne on Facebook or Bloglovin, and like Soul Makes on Facebook. In the comments below, be sure to include your method of entry and contact information. Contest is open immediately and will close Friday, January 2nd, where a winner will be chosen and featured. Last, contest is open internationally.

Good luck and Merry Christmas!

soul makes


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    Lisa Blank

    Sending you early happy birthday wishes. May you have a blessed year ahead!

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    I loooove dreamcatchers!! Merry christmas and I hope you will have a sweet birthday! (liked madalynne and soul makes on facebook)

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    Carlee McTavish

    Very pretty. I’ve been a follower on bloglovin’ for some time now and I’ve followed SoulMakes. Happy early birthday! 🙂

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    Laura Mazurek

    Love! I follow Soulmakes on facebook and now I am following you! Thank you!

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    I follow you on Bloglovin. What creative dream catchers!

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    Kathleen Branthover

    I liked both you and SoulMakes on Facebook 🙂

    kathleen.branthover@yahoo.com 🙂

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    liked both on fb Karin Shaim

  8. Reply


    happy birthday! Love those dreamcatchers so <3

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    Amanda Renea

    I liked both of your pages on facebook! Happy Birthday!

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    I’m following your blog via bloglovin and liked soul makes on Facebook :-). Happy Birthday! Love the dream catchers! Thank you for the chance!

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    Jennifer Phillips

    Hi Maddie, I liked you on FB and started following you on Bloglovin’. I have been following Soulmakes for some time now. I am super excited to dig into your blog because I am a seamstress too! And Happy Birthday to you! Please contact me at Jennatovertime@yahoo.com.

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    Kelly M

    Hi there. I liked both of you on FB. Beautiful dreamcatchers. Thx.

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    Kristi McMillan

    I have been a “liker” of Soulmakes and have have liked your FB page as well.. Thank you! Kristi McMillan, gypsyinflight@gmail.com

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    Hi, I like both pages on FB and also follow you on bloglovin’. Love everything Soul Makes including the gorgeous dreamcatchers! 🙂 frozen80s@yahoo.com

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    Elisa de Vries

    Hii there! I just love the both of your blogs very much.
    I got you both on bloglovin and facebook. Lovely dreamcatchters!
    And ofcourse best wishes for 2014! Elisa de Vries from the Netherlands

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    Youna Baupoux

    Hei !
    I followed you both on Facebook and Bloglovin 🙂 I really love what you do !
    My email is youna.baupoux@gmail.com
    Happy new year !

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    Kelli Martin

    Thank you so much for the beautiful offer!! am now following you on Blog lovin which is an amazing new outlet for me.Hope your Holiday was great and you are enjoying the new year! I would love to have a Soul makes dreamcatcher in my collection! I have one of their necklaces and always feel the positive vibes when I wear it! thanks again! ~much love

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    WOW! I am so happy to have found your blog. I am a long time lover of Soulmakes and heard about this contest on their facebook. Thank you for offering such a beautiful giveaway! And thank you for having this beautiful blog! (I am following you & soulmakes on facebook!)

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    Luana Gabriella

    What an amazing prize!! Thank you for the opportunity.
    I love Soulmakes and would be the happiest girl to win this beautiful dreamcatcher. Keeping my fingers crossed!

    Peace & Love

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    Mishia Mck

    I absolutely love dreamcatchers and I haven’t had one in a very long time.I follow both on facebook as Mishia Mck. Mishiablogz(at)gmail(dot)com

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    handmade in Indonesia

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