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Streamline Irons Giveaway Winners and Their Tales


Two weeks ago, I hosted a giveaway of the book Streamlined Irons where contestants were asked to submit their best iron stories (example: burn a hole through the carpet). When I sent the names and addresses of the three winners to Jay, the author of the book, he asked if I was going to post about the winner’s stories. Duh! Why didn’t I think of that?! So here are the winners and their tales. If you have a story that can top theirs, let’s hear it!

SALLIE  “Oh irons, what would we do without you?? I’m constantly asking my husband if I can iron his shirts. I’ve, luckily, never been burnt by my iron. But one time I had the ironing board set up with the iron set on top, full heat and steam going, when out of the corner of my eye I saw the ironing board beginning to collapse. I don’t know how I did it, but I crossed the room at lightning speed and caught the board underneath to support it, then stood that way for a good while trying to figure out what to do. If the iron fell I’d be burned! I ended up doing this weird kind of slow dance, snake charmer thing, as I slowly guided the ironing board, and balanced iron, down to the floor. Kinda wish someone had been watching so they could tell me how ridiculous I looked!!”

stephanie-2 “I have to admit that since I’ve started sewing I have left the iron on overnight on more than one occasion! So dangerous – we’re lucky I didn’t burn the place down! I quite like ironing – always have and since sewing it’s only gotten worse because you can see how much ironing and pressing can affect the look of a garment.”

laurie2 “I am one of those rare people who like ironing. Get the ironing board set up in front of the TV, pick out some DVD’s and get to it.

My favorite ironing story, there are a few. A friend of my husband’s lived with us for a few months and I would iron his shirts along with my husbands (he had never worn an ironed shirt before and loved the way they looked). Several months later (after he moved out), he dropped by after work and I commented on his shirt being ironed. He told me it wasn’t but that all his poly cotton shirts now looked ironed after being removed from the dryer. In effect I had “improved” his permanent press shirts.

My favourite iron, a 1957 General Electric iron I found at a garage sale in the original box with the warranty card. It is a non steam iron and gets a lot hotter than any other iron I have ever owned. Perfect for ironing linen and cotton. I love this iron and live in dread of the day it dies.”


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    I received my book last week. Thanks so much 🙂

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    Elle C

    I got my book today! It is lovely, I am really enjoying it! Thank you so much Maddie and of course Jay!

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    Bec Stitches

    Gosh I iron topless so often when trying on, fitting, pressing etc.. that I burnt my stomach and now have a permanent scar hahah ..

    You can kind of see it here.. http://becstitches.blogspot.com.au/2013/04/my-first-gertie.html
    What a spaz..

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    Liz Holder

    Thanks so much for the ‘irons’ post you just made. It’s so timely as I’m really loathing my rowenta iron at the moment. Spits and such. My $20 target iron that I had before the rowenta was better and lasted me longer.

    I’m off to amazon to buy me a lovely b&d! Thanks so much!!!

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    Cassandra Kranz

    Just found an Iron on iSlick and was so tempted to buy it. After reading your iron posts, I feel that I’ll pass up on that deal, but I’ll be more informed while scouring the market. Thank you!

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