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From a Student’s Perspective: Bra Making With Madalynne


Being that I’m the teacher, recaps for my workshops may be biased. Hell, who am I kidding? They’re totes biased. However, I would never lie to you and promise each one is as fun and informative as I claim. Cross my heart and hope to die. Come on, did you not see the periwinkle bralette and the cake from last one? Pshhttt…

Here today to share her experience from a workshop is Maddie. Because no review is better than a customer review. She is from Philadelphia and was a gem of a student. Her bralette was seriously ready-to-wear quality. RTW ain’t got nothing on her me-made!

“I attended Bra Making with Madalynne: Bralette on a hot and sunny Saturday. Getting there was easy and there was plenty of open parking. Maddie buzzed us up to her studio and upon entering, I was floored. Her studio is so bright and beautifully decorated; it has the same ambient light and classically feminine feel as her blog. From cute vintage pieces to her massive inspiration board, it’s truly a great space to get to work! Maddie had each of our work stations already set up for us with name cards, gift bags, etc. I brought my own sewing machine, but the machines Maddie provided were very impressive and worked well, which is one of the biggest concerns when attending a sewing class.

We started the class with a warm welcome from Maddie and then introduced ourselves, talking a bit about our sewing backgrounds and interests. Maddie’s story is really inspiring to hear. After, she provided a quick lesson on the fundamentals of bra making – what is direction of stretch, types of lining and fabrics to choose, differences in elastics, etc. Going in, I was apprehensive about bra making, but she gave very good guidance. In no time, we were laying out patterns and cutting the pieces. Constructing the bra was surprisingly easy, even more so with the help of Maddie’s demonstrations! It was really fun to sew in this group; everyone was working on the same project and being positive and encouraging.

We stopped about midday for lunch. The catered lunch spread was both lovely to look at and delicious. The cake alone was so over the top and made it onto each and every girl’s Instagram. It was that great!

When the class was winding down, we had a special guest, Kelley from Wilde Gatherings, come in to mix each of us custom, all-natural face washes. This was such a fun little break to take with the other girls and a really cool opportunity to try something new.

The end product of this class is amazing! I am so impressed with the bralette I created and super excited to make more and experiment with patterns. The lace we used is gorgeous and I’m really happy we got to meet Ying from Tailor Made Shop. Her input was helpful and very much appreciated. Throughout the class, I learned so many new techniques that I am still excited about – how to properly use temporary fabric glue or what stitches are best for stretch lace. Maddie also packed each of us really cute goodie bags with things like extra lace and delicious microwave KakeMi cakes! However, the swatch book and notes from class that Maddie included were the most important to me. Without them, I would struggle to remember everything I learned. To top it off, Maddie had a lottery staged and gave away a new sewing machine to one of the girls! Lucky her!

Overall, I had such a blast. This is an awesome class that I highly recommend for anyone looking to see what goes into bra making, learn a new pattern or technique, and get to meet and network with some really cool and successful ladies!”

Thanks for sharing Maddie and I hope to see you at future events and classes!

Want to attend a Bra Making with Madalynne? There was a basic underwear class scheduled for August, but I changed it to a swimsuit class. Students will be making this bathing suit. Also, I’ve teamed up with a print designer to make custom printed fabric. Just a few weeks before Labor Day, this class is perfect to end the summer with a bang!

I’ve also added 2 workshops to November and December – the one in October almost sold out. One is underwire and one is bralette. Sign up now!



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    I wish even 10 hours closer. Maybe I will plan a trip for next spring/summer. I’ve never been to Philadelphia.

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      YAS! Anything I can do to help make that a reality, let me know.

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