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Sunday Staples

During the week, I’m all about getting dolled up. Ruffly dresses, full skirts, printed jeans, hot pink maxi skirts, lace tops, they all make an appearance and are complimented with only the best baubles. But come Sunday, no matter how hard I try, I always end up in my American Eagle boyfriend jeans, a sweater or tee with some sort of appliqué top applied or sewn in, my converses (I’ve had them since my waistressing days in college), and if the weather is chilly, a pair of cozy socks. I try to muster up the effort to make myself pretty but as I stand in front of my closets (both of them) and sift through hanger after hanger, I somehow end up grabbing my trusty ole jeans and tee/sweater. It’s just routine and that’s how I like to spend Sunday. I usually dawdle in some sort of sewing project, watch movies (Sabrina, Back To The Future, Saturday Night Fever, and Home Alone are a few of my favorites), and treating myself to some sweets from the best cupcakery and chocolate shop here in Philadelphia, Philly Cupcakes (if you go, ask for Shane. He always gives me a free cupcake). It’s my Sunday staple; it’s my sewing routine; it’s how I sew. Even though I spend some week nights sewing while listening to bad country music, Rod Stewart, The XX, and New Found Glory, this is how I do most of my sewing. For a good twelve hours on Sunday, I waste the day in a zone, just sewing away.

Do you have a similar sewing routine? Do you dedicated certain days or time of days to sew? Do you have a “uniform” for sewing (so that you don’t mark or cut your good clothing)? Do you like to sew with music, movies, or silence playing in the background? Or am I the only one with a crazy routine like this…

1. Sabrina 2. Anthropologie Lace Petal Tee 3. Juki DDL5500 4. Philly Cupcake’s Peanut Butter Massacre 5. American Eagle Boyfriend Crop Jean 6. Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Low Sneaker


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    Love, Carrie

    I do something similar while I work on my craft projects…..I like to pick out a comfy outfit, put on either a fun movie or music, make sure my twinkle lights are all on and then craft my heart out…..at some point when I need a break I have a super yummy snack outing planned like coffee and a gluten free cupcake….it works wonders for being productive while having fun <3

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      I’m so glad I’m not the only one with this crazy routine and I’m glad you like cupcakes as much as I do (although mine are with lots and lots of gluten and extra frosting)!

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    My sewing uniform (when the weather is cool) is usually leggings, huge wooly socks (my feet get SO cold!) and a comfy sweater. Since its quite hot more of the year here my warm weather uniform is usually just some light knit dress – less is better, but sometimes I still wear socks because even in 90 degree weather my feet are still cold!

    I discovered when I was in grad school that listening to music in my studio makes me a little crazy. So I started listening to audiobooks (Harry Potter will always be my favorite – and thats usually how you know I’ve settled in for a good long sewing sesh!) or podcasts like This American Life. But lately Ira Glass has been annoying me – so quite often I’m the weirdo that likes to sit in silence!!

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      Socks are a must! And only the prettiest, comfiest, and thickest are worn in my apartment. They’re as important as a nice pair of shoes, in my opinion.

      I sometimes sew in silence but it usually makes me go crazy. I need some Kenny Chesney, Michael Jackson, or any other bad oldies to get me into and keep me in the zone. Kudos to you for being able to sew to the hum of the sewing machine.

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    I tend to sew on Saturday or Sunday afternoons, my only time off. Occasionally I sew on a week night, if I have the energy and a few hours at hand. I like to wear sweats and a sweatshirt to sew in because they are comfy, warm, and easy to pull on and off if I need to try on my garment.
    And of course, some music helps, often country 😉 I’ve listened to “GLEE” before too, but I prefer the comfort of old songs I know and can sing along to without thinking. TV shows end up distracting me!

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      I too can’t do TV but movies are music to my ears while sewing.

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    Haha, the minute I get home, I’m in pajama pants and a t-shirt! It’s sort of my home uniform. I like to listen to music when I’m sewing– Wilson Pickett, Otis Redding, the Beatles, Waylon Jennings, Ryan Adams– although I often sew while Blake is watching sports. Sometimes I get so into sewing that I don’t even notice that I need to flip the record!

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      Such an interesting list of music! I love it!

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      Ginger, it’s official! We need to hang out! Pick it, Wilson.

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    I sew mostly on weekends and my weekend wear is jeans, tshirt and converse sneakers too 🙂
    Have a good weekend!

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      Oh good sewers have things in common 😉

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    Sounds like a lovely Sunday routine! I also usually sew on the weekend, and I wear either yoga pants or a comfy jersey dress…

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