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How I Wore It: Comic Book Tees

Comic book tees. I saw and I conquered. About a month ago, I posted a ‘What i Heart Now’ featuring comic book tees. The post featured my favorite comic book tees but I confessed that although I liked the trend – I thought it was cool and different – I didn’t know if it could be done – be worn stylishly – in real life. Yes, the women who attended New York’s most recent fashion week looked shi-shi but there is a big fat line between what looks good in a photograph and what looks good in real life. Me in an Iron Man tee? Me laughing… But I think I did it. I really think I pulled it off. It took some thought and some serious Internet browsing but Forever 21 came to my rescue (get the pun?). The blouse, which is made of the nastiest, clingiest, and cheapest artificial fabric (that’s what you get for $12.95), suggests but doesn’t scream comic book tee. Suggesting and not screaming comic book tee, I think, is the key to pulling off this look.

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What I Heart Now: Comic Book Tees

I’m a serious Internet surfer. No joke. It’s appalling how much time I spend in front of a computer screen. If there was a common-law type law (sorry for the redundancy) between humans and computers, I would absolutely and completely be considered married to my Macs (yep, I have more than one). During fashion week, all of them – New York, London, Milan, and Paris, my time spent in front of the computer shoots way above normal, if that’s possible. I went to art school – SCAD – so naturally, I’m drawn to the avante-garde. But avante-garde is seen everyday. I have to seek it out. When it comes to clothing, I get my avante-garde fix by seeing the street trends during fashion week. The trends of people attending the shows can sometimes be wild and too over the top but these are the most fashionable people out there – I’d be silly not to take a clue from them for future trends. One of the trends I noticed at New York’s spring 2013 shows was comic book tees worn with a dressed-up skirt or slacks. I even saw a Bulls basketball jersey worn with a black, pleated maxi skirt. There were a couple of times when I said, “really?” but then I saw a comic book tee worn with a crochet lace skirt. Seeing the tee paired this way, I said, “okay… this CAN work.” I’m a firm believer that fashion is at a point where everything and anything is in and that it’s all about how it is worn. I’m dubious on this one though. Can comic book tees be in? It looks like another “How I wore it,” just like my overalls, will be very soon.

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