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What i Heart Now: Thimbles

Is there someone in your life who receives the same gift from you every year? Or maybe it’s the other way around – do you ask for the same gift from a friend or a family member every year? For Christmas, Valentine’s Day, a birthday, or just for the sake of building a collection, that person or you receives the same present on every occasion. That person in my life is Kathy King and that present in my life is thimbles. The first winter after I moved to Philly, Kathy invited me to Stag n’ Doe, a series of Wednesday’s in the suburb of Chestnut Hill where boutiques and shops along Germantown Ave stay open late for holiday shoppers and shopping.  The town may be small but locals as well as locals of surrounding towns turn out in hoards. One such shop on the ave was a community/consignment shop that deep in the back, past the popular items such as vintage purses and shoes, was a collection of thimbles. Old and new, the shop stocked every thimble imaginable. Dupont, Herber Hoover, Singer, Barbie, butterlies – every thimble imaginable. Although Kathy and I had only been friends for a short while, approximately six months, she knew about my obsession with sewing. She didn’t share my affinity towards the hobby as a whole but she did share an affinity towards thimbles. She actually had a growing collection. We left the store with neither of us not purchasing anything but I went back a week later to buy her one more thimble to add to her collection. Every Christmas since then, I have added one more thimble to her collection. So, with Christmas coming up, thimbles are what I’m hearting right now.  

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