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Scrapbook It: What is Elastic?

Before the temperatures got cold and before the sun set at 4:30 p.m., I published a weekend post that centered around engagement. Going through my old posts to see what I liked, what I didn’t like, and what could be improved, I realized that although the design of my posts were killer, my posts lacked engagement. The post was published a couple of months after Me-Made May and right after Oona’s Promaballoona. Those amazing seamstresses connected and engaged with their readers and I wanted to do the same – ME and You. And that’s what I did. I bought a notebook, a pretty one from Anthropologie, and I wrote about what’s on my sewing plate right now – elastic (for lingergie – are you surprised?). I taped, glued, and decorated one page that reflected my aesthetic  (it has lace) while still informing about what elastic is. Now it’s your turn. Who wants to decorate and inform the next page? US, Europe, or Australia, it don’t matt-ah (that is grammatically correct), I’ll mail it to you. The conditions are that you decorate it any way you please and when your finished, take pictures/scan it, and post about it (I will post an update as well) what you’ve made. So who’s in? Who wants the scrapbook next? I don’t care if there is 100 of you or 2; all I need it 1. To turn this into an informative sewing post, here’s was elastic is: Technically defined, elastic is a series of rubber or spandex cores that are bound or wrapped in polyester, cotton, nylon, or a blended thread that are then braided, woven, or knitted together to create elastic. Said more briefly, elastic is thread and rubber strings that are interlacing in varying ways. The way the elastic is constructed –…

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Guest Post: Tips For Sewing Silk

Another day. Another guest post. Another sewing tip. Katie Lineaweaver and I “met” last spring when I happened upon her site, A Girl Named Katie, and her blog, Love Is Why I Wake. Like most bloggers, we got into a “dialogue” about something we had in common – location. She lives not only in the same country and not only in the same region but the same state – Pennsylvania. Although I’ve never made the trip out to the suburb where she lives, it’s on my to-do list – a blogger meet-up is in the future. Promise. She guest posted on my blog a couple of months ago and to return the favor, I recently guest posted on the blog of the fabric shop she works at – Fabrics Mart. The subject of the guest post is certainly something you’ve run into – sewing silk. It’s slippery, it’s slinky, and it’s not fun to work with. With some tried-and-true tips though, handling silk can be manageable. Shortly after I my guest post went live, Mood Fabric’s published a similar post on the subject. So check them both out, it won’t hurt, you might even like it.

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The Fiona Dress

[EasyGallery id=’fiona’] This is Fiona, a polka-dotted ruffly number I made last summer (yep, that’s right, I have yet to post it until now. Ooops). I never admitted the reason why I made her. It’s actually quite an embarrassing story. Last summer my cousin was getting married in Ft. Lauderdale (my hometown), which only meant one thing, I needed to make a dress for the occasion. Short on time, I decided to make a simple and easy maxi dress. Inspired by Jil Sander’s then current collection, I wanted the dress to be an easy silhouette that was a cinch to sew and to make the focal point of the dress the fabric. This I did, buying the most beautiful vintage polka-dotted cotton from my fabric fabric store in Philadelphia, Jack’s Fabrics (it’s on 4th Street just south of South Street). Everything went according to plan – I drafted the pattern, fit the muslin, and sewed the dress up in no time. When I tried on the final dress and looked at myself in the mirror, I looked hideous! Absolutely and one hundred percent hideous! It was a moo-moo to the 100th degree and then multiplied by one thousand. I tried to resurrect it (only Jesus can be resurrected). I added appliqués, I hemmed it, and I sewed a ruffle at the bottom (my usual go-to fix) but nothing could make this dress pretty. So one Sunday afternoon, I had enough with this dress. I laid it on the floor, held my scissors in my hand, took a deep breath, and cut the damn thing in two and went out and bought a Free People dress. Done and done. So this is how Fiona came about. After the whole cut-my-dress-into-two ordeal, I undertook a project that was easy and that I knew…

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