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How i Wore It + Giveaway

I channeled Michael Jackson. I mixed black and white, incorporated sequins and fingerless gloves, and scrunched my socks low, real low. Don’t give me that look. This is how I do comfy and cozy. I don’t even need to grab my crotch to make a statement. I am a Floridian only by birth and definitely not by skin color. When I moved to Philadelphia, mittens were a new fashion accessory. How, when, and with what were questions I had to work through via trial and error and I erred very wrong in my early mitten-wearing days. It was my first winter in Philadelphia and I was an Assistant Technical Designer for Alla, Senior Technical Designer for Jackets and Outerwear (capitalization intended). She was Russian, knew her shi…stuff, and I often made her laugh unintentionally with my questions and statements. “Maddie, where should the stitch line be on this sketch? To the left or to the right of the placket seam line?” Alla asked. “To the left,” I answered. “Haha…” was her response. My answer wasn’t right. That was the type of relationship we had. Our bonding came to a peak when I showed up to work one day with a new pair of yellow fingerless mittens. Thinking that they were next best thing to brussels sprouts (sliced bread sucks), I said, “Look at these mittens! They have pockets where I can store a key or a credit card. That’s so clever of them. I bet they stole the idea from Lululemon.” Alla really started laughing. “No, Maddie, that ‘pocket’ is a cover for your fingers. You unbutton it and fold it over your fingers. See…” She demonstrated my stupidity. Stupid Floridian. Stupid, stupid Floridian. I have since learned the do’s and don’ts of mitten wearing. I have tried many, tossed many,…

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Meet Brooke: Owner Of Sweet Bees Finds

I consider myself a connoisseur of Etsy shopping (can such a skill warrant an award?). After repeated and long nights browsing the marketplace, I have fine tuned my eyes to find good quality handmade and vintage items. Truth be told, there’s a lot of product but few are of high quality, especially when it comes to vintage clothing. Because vintage clothes have had a previous life, they often have what I like to call ‘war wounds’ (marks and stains outfits acquire while in battle – shopping, partying, lunching, instagraming, etc.). When I come across good quality, I know, and I immediately contact the shop owners. One such shop owner was Brooke of Sweet Bees Finds. The product in her shop is well within a tight budget and on point – although vintage, each piece can be integrated into a modern wardrobe. In addition to signing up to be one of Madalynne’s sponsors, Brooke also accepted my offer to participate in an interview. After reading her responses, I grew even fonder of her and her shop. Not only does she refer to her three children as “kittens” (amazing) but she views her business as a “fun hobby.” That’s my outlook of Madalynne and it was refreshing to find someone else who views work as enjoyable. So without further adieu, take it away Brooke… *be sure to read the footer of this post for a special offer from Brooke and I* Q: Can you briefly introduce you and your shop Sweet Bee Finds? A: Hello! My name is Brooke Leathers, I am the proud owner of Sweet Bee Finds, a vintage clothing shop on Etsy. I am also the happy wife to a wonderful, hardworking man and mother to three rascally children, whom I lovingly refer to as my “kittens.” I have always been…

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