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How I Wore It: Comic Book Tees

Comic book tees. I saw and I conquered. About a month ago, I posted a ‘What i Heart Now’ featuring comic book tees. The post featured my favorite comic book tees but I confessed that although I liked the trend – I thought it was cool and different – I didn’t know if it could be done – be worn stylishly – in real life. Yes, the women who attended New York’s most recent fashion week looked shi-shi but there is a big fat line between what looks good in a photograph and what looks good in real life. Me in an Iron Man tee? Me laughing… But I think I did it. I really think I pulled it off. It took some thought and some serious Internet browsing but Forever 21 came to my rescue (get the pun?). The blouse, which is made of the nastiest, clingiest, and cheapest artificial fabric (that’s what you get for $12.95), suggests but doesn’t scream comic book tee. Suggesting and not screaming comic book tee, I think, is the key to pulling off this look.

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