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Meet Janel Hill: Owner of Janet Hill Studio

My art style is an odd one – a mix of Impressionism and 1950s Realism. Edgar Degas meets with Edward Hopper. I say it’s an odd combination because in Impressionist work, free brushstrokes took precedence over meticulous ones while in Realist work a la 1950s, the opposite was true. Despite their differences in how paintings were made, both artistic movement depicted fleeting moments that had small doses of nostalgia, elegance, and wag. So when I happened upon Janet Hill’s online shop, a studio filled with just this type of artwork, I made the little hearts next to images of her pieces shine bright red. Always one to strike up a conversation, I sent her a message asking if she would be willing to answer a few questions for me. Agreeing, she gave me her clever answers to my clever questions below. We have never “met” but she really seems like a gem of an individual. I encourage you to check out her work and make those little red hearts shine as well. Maddie: Can you give a brief description of your work? Janet: My work is best described as oil paintings that are typically narrative and don’t take themselves too seriously. Maddie: What or when inspires you? Janet: Movies (lots and lots), books, magazines, blogs, walks with my dog. Maddie: If your work was a person or a place, who or what would it be? Janet: A crazy little old lady’s closet. The kind of closet that has endless pairs of shoes, fox stoles, figurines, birdcages. Not sure what kind of visual that brings to mind…. Maddie: What is on your Christmas list? Janet: A bottle of Cognac and a Diptyque ‘Feu de Bois’ candle. My favorite scent in the world. Maddie: Pretend you have an amazing event to attend…

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