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How Urban Outfitters Parties

How does your company party? Last Thursday, the company I work for threw their annual holiday party at their home offices. Past holiday bashes have been killer – Fourth of July festivities usually involve a butload of food trucks, henna tattoo booths, and carnival rides and last year’s holiday party had Philly’s Cirque Eloize hanging upside down and pouring liquor into guest’s mouths as they entered. In true Urban style, the holiday bash went down in style. A photo booth, instagramming, music, and yummy food was had. I won’t dish on too much – I don’t want to give too much insight into the lives of us Urban-ites – but I will say that it was a great way to celebrate a great year, a great company, and a great job that I am lucky to have.

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How I Wore It: Comic Book Tees

Comic book tees. I saw and I conquered. About a month ago, I posted a ‘What i Heart Now’ featuring comic book tees. The post featured my favorite comic book tees but I confessed that although I liked the trend – I thought it was cool and different – I didn’t know if it could be done – be worn stylishly – in real life. Yes, the women who attended New York’s most recent fashion week looked shi-shi but there is a big fat line between what looks good in a photograph and what looks good in real life. Me in an Iron Man tee? Me laughing… But I think I did it. I really think I pulled it off. It took some thought and some serious Internet browsing but Forever 21 came to my rescue (get the pun?). The blouse, which is made of the nastiest, clingiest, and cheapest artificial fabric (that’s what you get for $12.95), suggests but doesn’t scream comic book tee. Suggesting and not screaming comic book tee, I think, is the key to pulling off this look.

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Question: Can Evening Wear Be Everyday Wear?

One of the perks of working for a fashion company is the amount of clothes I can purchase for less that “suggested retail price.” During the couple of years I’ve worked for my company, I’ve acquired some pretty neat clothing. The best steal was a wedding dress that retailed for $1500 that I bought for $87. Bargain? Yeh, I’d say so. One of my recent acquisitions was an event dress that a coworker of mine won at an auction but didn’t fit into. She was going to give it away to Goodwill until I joined into a conversation where she and some other ladies were discussing what to do with the dress. Without hesitation, literally, I said I would take it. I was stoked to get the dress but the first thing I that popped into my mind was, “where the hell am I going to wear it?” My usual weekend plans are far from glamorous. The hottest date I’ve had in months was with my sewing machine. But could this dress be worn as every day wear? Maxi dresses are de riguer now and in my opinion, this dress could look as dressed down as an everyday maxi if I paired it with a jacket and flats or platforms. I’d do it – wear evening wear as everyday wear – but would you?

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