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Meet Rodellee: Owner of Adored Vintage

When I created a mood board for my blog redesign last year, several photos I used throughout were shot by the photographer Yvette Inufio. Other than the fact that she is from my neck of the woods (South Florida), Yvette’s photos are whimsy and fancy, which is totally me – Maddie. Her photos are like a Disney movie of ‘The Beauty and The Beast’ type with lace, flowers, and tulle thrown into the mix. Almost like a Monet but in the photographic form. When I happened upon the shop Adored Vintage, my favorite photographer was now in the form of an online vintage shop. When I sparked up a conversation with the owner, Rodellee, my favorite photographer was now in the form of a person. Just like Yvette’s photos, Rodellee is whimsy and fancy with a touch of tulle and lace. What’s most striking about her is how every chord in her life – her personality, her studio, and her products – resonate the same aura and ambiance – Grace Kelly, beauty, and poise. Please welcome her as she answers some questions and gives us a peak into her world. Thank you Rodellee! Q: Can you give a brief introduction of you and your shop, Adored Vintage? A: Hello! My name is Rodellee (sounds like Natalie) and I am the vintage loving gal behind Adored Vintage. I live in sunny California where some of my favorite Hollywood icons once glittered and sparkled. Adored Vintage is an extension of everything I adore and love and beautiful vintage clothing that sparks historical interest. It’s vintage that is accessible and completely wearable for any modern gal. Q: How did you get into selling vintage clothing? A: I’ve always adored vintage clothing and styles. My Mom sewed a lot of my clothes when I…

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Meet Brooke: Owner Of Sweet Bees Finds

I consider myself a connoisseur of Etsy shopping (can such a skill warrant an award?). After repeated and long nights browsing the marketplace, I have fine tuned my eyes to find good quality handmade and vintage items. Truth be told, there’s a lot of product but few are of high quality, especially when it comes to vintage clothing. Because vintage clothes have had a previous life, they often have what I like to call ‘war wounds’ (marks and stains outfits acquire while in battle – shopping, partying, lunching, instagraming, etc.). When I come across good quality, I know, and I immediately contact the shop owners. One such shop owner was Brooke of Sweet Bees Finds. The product in her shop is well within a tight budget and on point – although vintage, each piece can be integrated into a modern wardrobe. In addition to signing up to be one of Madalynne’s sponsors, Brooke also accepted my offer to participate in an interview. After reading her responses, I grew even fonder of her and her shop. Not only does she refer to her three children as “kittens” (amazing) but she views her business as a “fun hobby.” That’s my outlook of Madalynne and it was refreshing to find someone else who views work as enjoyable. So without further adieu, take it away Brooke… *be sure to read the footer of this post for a special offer from Brooke and I* Q: Can you briefly introduce you and your shop Sweet Bee Finds? A: Hello! My name is Brooke Leathers, I am the proud owner of Sweet Bee Finds, a vintage clothing shop on Etsy. I am also the happy wife to a wonderful, hardworking man and mother to three rascally children, whom I lovingly refer to as my “kittens.” I have always been…

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