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How i Wore It: Sequin Skirt

Selfies! Is anyone else as confused and embarrassed about this new phenomenon as I am? An interview that has remained vivid in my memory is one with J. Crew’s Creative Director, Jenna Lyons. The woman is the Einstein of the fashion world, she created the perfect equation for everyday attire, and it is when she described something as making her day “sparkle” in an interview I can’t seem to find now. I loved her use of the word sparkle. There are lots of things that can make a day sparkle – food, the sun, a  bike ride, and fashion. And wearing sequins, wherever – shoes, skirt, or pants, will absolutely make your day sparkle both literally and figuratively. This skirt comes from an online boutique that I just discovered – Dahlia. They’re a British fashion brand that has a playful personality. Their clothes have a quirky twist but are still traditional and affordable. And for the seamstress out there, the construction warrants the price. This skirt was fully lined, even the waistband was even clean finished! With spring just inches away, I’m already visualizing what I’ll be wearing this skirt with – a cotton blouses with lots of ruffles – and the selfies I’ll be taking (that was a joke).

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What i Heart Now: Bodysuits

Amy beat me to the punch when she posted about bodysuits in her series Lingerie Friday’s but it just meant that great minds think alike. Or maybe it meant that great minds think a lot about lingerie. Considering the fact that my eight month anniversary sewing lingerie is coming up, it’s an obvious progression that my mind wandered to bodysuits. It wandered but it quickly got stuck because like many of you, body suits are questionable. How do you wear them? What do you wear them with? Are they outerwear or inner wear? How are VPL’s (visible p**** lines) and flat chests avoided? And the issue of going to the bathroom. Eek… let’s not go there. But I want to like bodysuits. I really, really do. They have a connotation of being only over seductive and I’ve been trying to prove that thinking wrong. I believe that just like any trend, bodysuits can be luxe as well as everyday, if worn correctly. The history of the bodysuit is just as interesting as its mode of wearing, mostly because it has crossed into many categories of clothing. The exact moment or era bodysuits were born is difficult to pinpoint but it’s a safe to say, at least for the purpose of this post – a history lesson on fashion, that their life began as activewear. The French acrobat Jules Leotard wore a two piece, body-hugging garment (this is where the term leotard comes from) and ballerinas have been wearing them since the nineteenth century (look at a Degas painting). Since then, bodysuits have been worn as loungewear, activewear, innerwear, and outerwear. In the 1950s, Claire McCardell became famous for being the anti-Dior, making sportswear and everyday wear popular, and one of her favorite silhouettes was the leotard. In the 1980s, Donna Karen launched her simple…

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How i Wore It + Giveaway

I channeled Michael Jackson. I mixed black and white, incorporated sequins and fingerless gloves, and scrunched my socks low, real low. Don’t give me that look. This is how I do comfy and cozy. I don’t even need to grab my crotch to make a statement. I am a Floridian only by birth and definitely not by skin color. When I moved to Philadelphia, mittens were a new fashion accessory. How, when, and with what were questions I had to work through via trial and error and I erred very wrong in my early mitten-wearing days. It was my first winter in Philadelphia and I was an Assistant Technical Designer for Alla, Senior Technical Designer for Jackets and Outerwear (capitalization intended). She was Russian, knew her shi…stuff, and I often made her laugh unintentionally with my questions and statements. “Maddie, where should the stitch line be on this sketch? To the left or to the right of the placket seam line?” Alla asked. “To the left,” I answered. “Haha…” was her response. My answer wasn’t right. That was the type of relationship we had. Our bonding came to a peak when I showed up to work one day with a new pair of yellow fingerless mittens. Thinking that they were next best thing to brussels sprouts (sliced bread sucks), I said, “Look at these mittens! They have pockets where I can store a key or a credit card. That’s so clever of them. I bet they stole the idea from Lululemon.” Alla really started laughing. “No, Maddie, that ‘pocket’ is a cover for your fingers. You unbutton it and fold it over your fingers. See…” She demonstrated my stupidity. Stupid Floridian. Stupid, stupid Floridian. I have since learned the do’s and don’ts of mitten wearing. I have tried many, tossed many,…

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Question: Can Evening Wear Be Everyday Wear?

One of the perks of working for a fashion company is the amount of clothes I can purchase for less that “suggested retail price.” During the couple of years I’ve worked for my company, I’ve acquired some pretty neat clothing. The best steal was a wedding dress that retailed for $1500 that I bought for $87. Bargain? Yeh, I’d say so. One of my recent acquisitions was an event dress that a coworker of mine won at an auction but didn’t fit into. She was going to give it away to Goodwill until I joined into a conversation where she and some other ladies were discussing what to do with the dress. Without hesitation, literally, I said I would take it. I was stoked to get the dress but the first thing I that popped into my mind was, “where the hell am I going to wear it?” My usual weekend plans are far from glamorous. The hottest date I’ve had in months was with my sewing machine. But could this dress be worn as every day wear? Maxi dresses are de riguer now and in my opinion, this dress could look as dressed down as an everyday maxi if I paired it with a jacket and flats or platforms. I’d do it – wear evening wear as everyday wear – but would you?

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How Do You Organize Your Wardrobe: Part 2

I was surprised to read the amount of responses and suggestions last week when I asked the question, “How do you organized your wardrobe?” (click here to read post) It’s a simple thing we do every day – getting dress – yet it obviously takes so much thought, planning, and not to mention, money. Because of your interest, I decided to continue the topic and ask another just as important question. Do you have a favorite piece in your wardrobe? If so, what is it? Is it a skirt, a blouse, or a pair of pants? Does it make an appearance at least once a week or is it a piece to only cherish and ogle at? Was it bought or acquired? Tell me its story… I have such a piece in my wardrobe. We met about a year ago. I was scarfing down a sandwich while perusing the Internet during my pseudo-lunch break when I first saw her. Infatuation has stopped me in my tracks twice in my life and this was the second (who caused the first? I’m not telling). Most girls fall in love with a man but I fell in love with a hot pink skirt. We’ve had a great relationship since we first met. Made of the loveliest and lightest chiffon, she twirls, sways, and swooshes with me wherever I go. I’ve worn her with white tees, striped tees, button down blouses, chambray blouses, jeans jackets, and herringbone jackets. I’ve paired her with flats, sandals, and heels as well as pearls, stones, and diamonds. She’s taken me to laid back dinners (she never pays), Saturday afternoon walks, and formal occasions (click here to see how I wore her on Christmas). We have yet to have a fight and she hasnt cheated on me yet. I…

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