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City Girl Goes Hiking


Last Saturday, I, Maddie Flanigan, a bonafide city girl, went hiking. Yes! Wearing a pair of jeans, a white tee, Converse’s, and a strand of pearls (what the hell was I thinking? I know), I hiked through Wissahicken Park. It’s amazing that 20 minutes away from a big city like Philadelphia lies such beautiful landscapes. The greenery was greener and the air was fresher than that in the city. But more wonderful than its color and its smell was its simplicity. It’s hard to think or believe that a place that is complex visually – with its infinite trees, rocks, rivers, and all other things foresty – would be simple but it was. Walking on the trail, everything just seemed so…. simple, easy, clean, and fresh. It was so simple that I sort of went off the trail (not very smart of me) and sat by the river, just sat, and watched the world go by. During that hour, the world went by very slowly and that’s just how I wanted it to. I couldn’t have spent a Saturday more perfectly. As summer begins and drags on, I will definitely make more time for adventures like this one.





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    It looks like a perfect day! I miss those woody PA areas – they’re so beautiful this time of year. Enjoy it!
    Also, high five for wearing pearls! You’re such a rockstar lady!

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      Nothing stops this lady from looking good!

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    This sounds nice about now. I need some relaxation in my life.

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      I so encourage you to take a break. I needed it to and resisted for awhile but once I let myself relax, my creativity came back.

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    Oh goodness, what a beautiful scenery! It makes me want to go jump in the Flint River :). We have lots of beautiful rivers and forestry around Georgia, I just never get adventurous enough to get out to see them. Tisk tisk tisk.
    Thank you for your sweet comment on my blog as well!
    lyndsey of hellolyndsey

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    Good for you for making more time to go outside! I think it’s good for the body as well as the soul to spend time outdoors as much as you can.

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    Stephanie Anderton

    Awesome. Nature hikes are kind of like reset switches, its a wonderful way to just breath and catch up with yourself.

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      You said it perfectly. Hiking was a reset switch.

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    Rose Eva

    Who could imagine that there’d be such a pretty hiking place so close to a big city? One nice thing about this part of PA is the beach near by and all the greenery.. it’s nice to just go and relax and just sit and think for a while! I’ll really miss PA and that aspect- your post just brought that fact to home for me, as I’ve been sort of ‘putting off’ thinking of the things I’ll miss. It’s nice to reminisce. 🙂

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      Pennsylvania definitely has the best of both worlds. Beaches and trails are less that an hour away. I guess I take it for granted.

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    What a great way to spend the day! How nice!

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    I’m a Philly girl too! (I no longer live there though) As many times as I venture back and forth to the city, I’ve never been to Wissahicken Park. I live near tons of trails now – but next time I’m in the city – I want to venture 20 minutes out and find this place. I’m such a sucker for hiking and finding pretty trails with water and bridges, etc.

    Have you ever hiked the trail around Swarthmore College through Crum Woods? I haven’t actually hiked the whole thing but I’m told it’s gorgeous. Last time I was there I just went walking into it a bit but stumbled across some gorgeous ruins. See here – http://shadesofmonetmd.blogspot.com/2012/03/crum-woods.html – I would definitely recommend going if you’re in the mood to hike or explore or just take in nature 🙂

    I absolutely love your blog Madalynne! xx Marisa

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      Another Philly girl! How awesome. Next time you’re in the city, shoot me an email and we can go hiking together! I’m glad you liked my blog but it’s going to be 1000 times better in about a week so stay tuned.

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    Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies

    What a beautiful spot! Totally understand how you can just sit there for an hour. It’s getting cold and dreary where I am, but will definitely take on your advice and go on a hiking trip. x

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      Do it! Like a reader said before in her comment, it was a reset button. So refreshing…

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    Love, Carrie

    Beautiful photos……spending time like this is so theraputic…..I make sure to do a little every time I go visit my family. Now I’m super excited to see what your next adventure will be!!!

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    Lovely! Beautiful photos Maddie. Wish I could join you, it looks so peaceful.

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    Shannon Heart's

    What lovely pictures.  Looks like a beautiful place for a hike.


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