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Tatouage Sur Le Bras


A full sleeve. I never thought I’d have an arm full of tattoos. It was two years ago Nicky and I started dreaming and drawing this design. I loved the first tattoo on my forearm, hated the second quote on my bicep, kind of loved the florals I added around it, and now LOVE the combo of the stars, script and florals that extend from my shoulder to my wrist. It’s a bold statement; many folks are surprised when I take off my jacket or sweater and holy tattooNot that they don’t like it – maybe they in fact don’t – but it takes them aback when this 102lbs lady has some serious ink. What do I think? <3



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    You do you!!! and if you love it, that is all that matters…

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    I think it looks fantastic! Even though it’s a full sleeve it still looks kind of subtle and light and just very, very beautiful 🙂

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    P Fla

    Tattoos are like cats: two are enough

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      Last tattoo. Promise.

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    I think people should not pass judgement based on a tattoo, it is the person behind the tattoo and the meaning behind the tattoo and both in this case, even though I do not know you personally, are beautiful. My boys have tattoos not as beautiful as yours but the meaning and the significance to them are what matter in my eyes and my boys are truly good people…mother bias aside.

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      Francesca Amodeo

      What Elise said:). They’re gorgeous. As are you.

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    All the heart eyes, Maddie! This is BEAUTIFUL!!

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    LoriAnne Gamble

    That’s cool. Hmmmm I think its time this old lady gets another one. First one at 53, 2nd at 54 now that I’m 55……..3rd? Like yours a whole lot.

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    Melissa Borromeo

    I love your tattoos. I especially love the way you found to unify them.

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      Thank you!

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    marcy harriell | oonaballoona

    Just gorgeous. I love that your feelings changed about your tattoos and then finally came to perfection–like the stages of creating something out of fabric.

    Wish I could do this, but my brother (who is pretty much covered) pinched me on the arm once by surprise. When I yelled he said: See? Now imagine that 500 times.

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