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Bra Making with Madalynne: A Star Event

bra making

Mimosas – that’s how the 17th Bra Making with Madalynne began. If you’ve been tuning into my Insta-stories recently, you’ve seen @abestinken pop up quite a bit. She’s my #wcw. My gal pal. My fellow gym rat. We met on a whim last winter when I walked into a yoga fusion class she was teaching. I consider myself a

A ‘Continental’ Bra Making with Madalynne Workshop


Excuse me while I step onto my soapbox… Last Saturday was the 16th Bra Making with Madalynne workshop. Sixteen, woot woot! It was a ‘Continental’ Class with folks traveling from Virginia, Florida, Texas and California to attend. I’m blushing 🙂 Stepping off my soap box now… At the beginning of the day, students are usually quiet.

Follow Along! Bra Making with Madalynne Tomorrow!

learn to make a bra

Another day, another Bra Making workshop! Just a quick heads up that tomorrow I’m teaching 6 wonderful ladies how to make a bra at my Bra Making with Madalynne workshop. This is the last session before my summer classes kick off, where I’ll be debuting 3 new patterns with Simplicity and collaborating with Spoonflower and

Recap: Bra Making With Madalynne February

learn to make a bra

Valentine’s Day holds a special place in my heart. Not because of the flowers, chocolates and other sweets that are all around, but because it was Valentine’s Day weekend many moons ago that I hosted my first bra workshop. If someone told me then that today, I’d be teaching sewing out of my own studio, designing

ATTENTION London Folks! Bra Making with Madalynne with The New Craft House


Attention London, UK, and all European folks! Good news! The ladies of The New Craft House will be hosting a Bra Making Workshop this February, teaching how to make the Madalynne X Simplicity 8228 and 8229 patterns (read more about each pattern here). Truly, I had such a great time co-hosting a workshop last May, and

Bra Making With Madalynne 2017: Sign Up Now!


It was almost 2 years ago that I hosted my first Bra Making with Madalynne workshop. If somebody told me then that 24 months later, I’d still be hosting them, I would not have believe them. No way in h**l! It’s been an incredible 2 years of teaching. Incredible. Sewing is a solitary habit and through teaching, I

Open Sew Session with PFAFF

pfaff sewing machines

You know what movie I want to see? Collateral Beauty. It’s about a successful New York advertising executive who suffers a great tragedy, and when he retreats from life, his friends try to reconnect with him. He looks for answers by writing letters to Love, Time and Death and begins to understand how these three interlock and how important

So Good, It Was Scary: Bra Making with Madalynne Recap

bra patterns

Almost as fun as the bra workshops themselves – keyword is almost – is the prepping that goes into it. Finding and writing the perfect thank you cards, figuring out the best flavor chocolate to go into goodie bags, sourcing fabric and trims to go along with the theme, and dreaming up the perfect table scape that will

My Intimate Story: My New Life as a Full Time Lingerie Designer, Sewing Teacher and Part Time Personal Stylist for Anthropolgie


Sometimes, the grass IS greener on the other side. I don’t get super personal on my blog often, but in early August, I shared a big life change. After 6 1/2 years of working a corporate gig for URBN, I left to pursue my lingerie dreams. My biggest fear, one that held me back from

Bra Making with Madalynne: Halter Bralette


I’ve been lucky in that at almost every workshop, there is a “character” who makes the whole class. You know the saying, “a bad egg can spoil the batch”? In this case, the opposite is true. At yesterday’s workshop, this “character” was Donnelle. I’ve know him for only a short while. We met two weeks ago when he started

From A Student’s Perspective: Bra Making Madalynne Part II


Just like Maddie, Veena was another start student at the bralette class this past July. Quiet at first, she opened up throughout the day. She traveled from San Diego to attend; she was on a summer trip visiting colleges throughout the east coast. Can you believe she’s just a teenager? So talented for such a youngin’.

Sign up Now! Bathing Suit Workshop!

Sew a Swimsuit

Calling all beach babes and beach bums! Listen here! On August 20th, I will be hosting a bathing suit workshop. I originally scheduled a basic panty/underwear class, but being that it is just a few weeks before Labor Day, a bathing suit seemed more fitting. What makes this workshop even more special is that I teamed up with Cinne, owner

Recap: Bra Making with Madalynne, Bralette


Yesterday, I hosted another Bra Making with Madalynne workshop. Total success! It was the smallest class I’ve had, but the most intimate. The days leading up, I was excited that I would be able spend more time with each student. With less students, I had time for the little details – hand written thank you notes, swatch cards,

A Periwinkle Bralette


Long, intensive projects are satisfying, but so are simple ones. I’m talking about the projects you can cut the night before, sew the morning or afternoon afternoon and still have time to relax that evening after the last stitch is sewn. Not sure what a perfect weekend is to you, but some version of this would be included in it.
Along those same lines, while I love the underwire workshops the soft bra sessions are my personal favorite. No offense to you underwire ladies! For me – I can’t speak for the students – I feel like I’m taking a nice jog through the day; I don’t feel like I’m running a marathon. Sure, a marathon is good every now and then, but boy, does it wear you out!
Last week, I made the sample bra for the upcoming bralette class on July 16. Cut and sewn in just a few hours, it was made with the loveliest shade of periwinkle galloon lace, lined with beige powernet and finished with matching periwinkle picot/plush elastic, all from Tailor Made Shop. I’m usually a black, white and cream gal when it comes to my lingerie, but this was a nice departure from the norm. Girls gotta go wild sometimes y’all!

Madalynne Intimates Launch Party with Urban Outfitters


Am I religious? I believe there is another world that we can’t see, but I don’t believe there is one high being controlling what happens in the physical. My mom told me to never talk politics or religion, but I’m sharing this with you despite her wish. Not trying to offend anyone here. Why do I say this? Well, because last Saturday, Space Ninety 8, Urban Outfitters store in Brooklyn, threw an afternoon party to celebrate the release of the Madalynne x Urban Outfitters intimates collection. On every level, I felt like the luckiest lady. Like a bride on her wedding day. I am not 100% sure what or who is watching over me – maybe my mom’s spirit? – but there is something guiding me in the right direction.

It was a beautiful spring day in Brooklyn, and both passerby shoppers and friends/fans came out to support me. Women who have been following my blog for a while as well as my favorite NYC chicks – Pamela and Ying. There were sweet treats, prosecco, a free potpourri sachet and custom applique with every intimates purchase. It was a short event, from 2-4:00 PM, but so much fun! Seriously, I can’t thank the Space Ninety 8 folks for coordinating and for everyone who popped in. Y’all rock!

REMINDER: Bra Making with Madalynne London Giveaway


There has been a lot of hoopla about the release of my intimates line for Urban Outfitters, but don’t forget about the Bra Making with London giveaway! Sign up for the Sunday class before this May 1 – that’s this Sunday! – to be entered to receive ½ off your ticket AND win a free spot to bring a friend. Note that the Saturday class is sold out. If you are already enrolled, no worries, you are automatically entered and we will refund your money if you win. Winner will be announced the beginning of May. Good luck everyone! Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you soon.

Can’t believe I’ll be hopping on a plane to London in just under a month!

Bra Making with Madalynne London: Giveaway!

sewing workshop

A little over a month – that’s the (little) amount of time that is left before I hop on a plane and head to London to teach my first bra workshop with The New Craft House. The duo behind TNCH and I thought it would be fun to host a giveaway to drum up excitement. It’s like Christmas in errr… April?

So, to break it down for you – sign up for either class to be entered to receive ½ off your ticket AND win a free spot to bring a friend. If you are already enrolled, no worries, you are automatically entered and we will refund your money if you win. Contest opens immediately and will close on April 29. We will announce the winner in the beginning of May. Good luck everyone! Hopefully, I’ll be seeing you soon.

Bra Making With Madalynne Recap: April 2016

how to sew a bra

Seriously cannot believe it. The seventh Bra Making with Madalynne Workhop is won and done. Seven if you count the panty party/bridal shower I hosted. Ack! Still hate that word.

Yesterday was truly unforgettable. The largest yet, this class brought students from all over. Elyse traveled from Minneapolis to attend, and Carla came from Florida. She actually came from my hometown, Ft. Lauderdale! A first for her, Carla got to see snow. Yes, snow in April! Ying was also at the class, and it was soooo great seeing her. The highlight of the day, other than the me-made bras obviously, was the confetti cake. Seriously, doesn’t it look dee-lish? The theme of the class was dots, dots of all shapes and sizes, so it was a perfectly fitting treat. Lisa Singer, a seriously talented lady who offers baking and signage services, made it. As you can see, most students ate it while wearing their finished bras. Too funny! Most students sewed their bras using Spiegel’s new 60609 machine and loved using it – its stitch quality, the way it handled stretch fabrics and the ability to keep their phone charged throughout the day.

A huge thank you goes out to the sponsors and people who made yesterday possibly + helped me throughout the week. Yesterday WAS NOT the work of a one woman show. So, to all you, merci boucoup!

Bra Making With Madalynne: Behind the Scenes

how to make a bra

Seriously.cannot.believe.it. The sixth Bra Making with Madalynne is tomorrow. Snaps to that.

As is always the case, I more excited about this class than any other. No really, I mean it this time. I had 2 amazing ladies/helpers/interns assisting me this go around, and between the planning, the Pinteresting, and Lisa getting hammered (see photos below), it was a lot of fun. I’m the type of person who thinks she can do it all, all by herself. The reality is, it ain’t gonna happen, not without a trip to the loony bin. Reason for submission: confetti overload. Also a reality – the process is a heck of a lot more fun if you have someone to share it with. Bringing this dot-themed workshops to life was a lot of work. The theme for tomorrow’s class is dots, dots of every size, color and shape – just an FYI. Metallic dots too. Behind every great woman, man, entrepreneur, small business owner and even bra maker is a treasure trove of people who believe, support, help, encourage and push. No one has to go at it alone. Being lonely is an awful thing in my opinion. I needed Katie and Lisa these past few weeks, and can’t thank them enough for making tags, cutting fabric, picking out polka dot garlands, baking cakes. You girls rock!

Make Your Own Underwear: Tips for Attaching Crotch Lining


We have serious things to chat about today, and by serious, I mean crotch linings. I’m sure, almost positive, that after reading the word crotch several times and looking at all the prettiness of crotch linings, you’ll be dying to make a pair of panties. DYING…

Crotch linings are the unglamorous side of sewing panties, or knickers, or whatever kind of underthings you call them. I’ve wanted to skip this step so many times. Almost always, crotch linings are made of cotton jersey, not anything poly, because it breathes. Cotton jersey can be difficult to handle though. It can stretch out of shape and shift out of place. I use a couple ways to make it easier to sew, which I’m sharing today, so nobody goes crotch lining less. There are so many ways to attach a crotch lining – this is just one way – and I’m not claiming that I am the first to use the following method.

Bra Making With Madalynne: Recap

Yesterday’s Bra Making workshop was extra special. It was the one year anniversary of hosting my first one. On the same weekend last year, Bra Making with Madalynne became a thing. I had no idea if it would be a total flop or not, but here I am, in 2016, with many more planned for the year. A Philly bride-to-be just asked if I could host one for her bridal shower. What a neat idea, right?

Every class is different and the flow depends on the student’s personalities. I’ve had classes that were super chatty (we stayed until 7:00 PM because we couldn’t stop talking!), and I’ve had classes that were so focused (we finished at 4:30 PM and were leaving by 5). This class was a unique mix of folks. Some locals and some not. Amelia and Jody are related, and this was something fun the two could do together. Wish I could bring my brothers to a lingerie making class. Ying made a trip down from New York to help out and it was so great seeing her again. Also, having her there allowed everyone to get the attention they needed and deserved. Hands down, the highlight of the day was gifting a sewing machine to Jody. Spiegel’s was so kind to offer one machine to a student as a giveaway, and I can’t thank them enough for not only supplying machines for the class, but offering this awesome prize. Hint, hint – there might be more giveaways at future classes!

Bra Making With Madalynne: This Saturday

It’s been one wild week. Yee-haw! Luckily, my boots were made for walking and I’ve been high-tailing my little caboose to and from my studio prepping for this weekend’s bra making workshop. This class will be different from previous sessions. Students will be making a soft bra instead of an underwire bra. They’re a lucky bunch too because they’ll also be making a matching panty. Valentine’s Day is a week away and whether they’re single or not, I won’t allow them to be unprepared. Nope, nope, nope!

It’s will be a small class. Because it’s winter, I am bringing in extra heating so we stay nice and toasty. Heaters draw lots of power, and I worry that the circuit breaker might blow if there were too many machines running plus the heater. If that happens – fingers crossed it doesn’t – I have lots of sweet surprises. A candy bar, bright pink balloons, chocolates…

Madalynne Intimates and Workshop Update


Today I’m sharing just a few, okay two, updates. First, if you’re interested in buying a Noelle halter bra and undie, I’m offering a 15% discount if you buy the set. So, instead of it costing $72.00, it is now $60.00. Great deal, eh? I created a separate listing, so hop on over to the shop now. The second bit of news is about the next Bra Making with Madalynne workshop, which is on February 6. Just a few weeks! I have decided that students will be making the Noelle halter bra and matching undies (same bra that is for sale). The theme will be Valentine’s Day, and students will be using scalloped white lace with pink trimming. So cute! There is only one ticket left, but I can squeeze in a few more if more want to attend. Come on, let’s make this another sold out class!

Madalynne Year In Review


I am ending this year in a much different place than where I started. A year ago, I was uncertain. I was planning my first bra workshop, and to be quite honest, I wasn’t sure about it. I loved the idea, but I didn’t know if others would feel the same. Luckily, the classes have been a success, not to mention a ton of fun. There isn’t anything like it, at least I don’t think so, which is why you ALL should attend. Ahem…

In last year’s review, I wrote that I wanted to devote a lot of time to bra making and I think I did a damn good job at accomplishing that. What’s on the horizon for next year? From the way it looks now, 2016 is going to be great. Things could change, but that’s the current forecast. With that though, my life is going to get crazy and it will be important to stay focused. To keep my eye on the prize. When projects seem endless, when deadlines approach, and when I spend 4 times sewing the same hook + eye, here are the mottos I’m going to TRY to keep in mind…