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Thanksgiving Recap

thanksgiving-2015-web-3Thanksgiving this year was very different. For the first time, I didn’t go home. It was odd to wake up in Philadelphia and not in Ft. Lauderdale. I was quite homesick, missing my family lots. Glass is half full – it has made me soooooo excited to go home for Christmas. Previous years, I secretly struggled with traveling twice in one month. Even hated it. Spend a week prepping, spend a week catching up. Twice.

Thanksgiving day was pretty low key. I woke up, went running, and halfway through stopped and watched the Thanksgiving Day Parade. I then grabbed a giant coffee, headed home to put the finishing details on my sequin skirt, and drove to my Aunt Ginny’s house. We hung out – just chilled. Kendall, my cousin, is a senior in high school and she worked on her common applications while I caught up on my work. Cole, my other cousin, played on his computer while Ginny prepped dinner in the background. Just before we ate, we took Roxy on a walk. It was unusually warm, evident by the flowers still in bloom. It was just the 4 of us for dinner. Simple.

Ginny has become my second mother, and if you use mother as a verb and not a noun, she is my mother. She didn’t give birth to me – duh – but she has cared for me with so much love and affection. So korny, but she texts me inspirational quotes almost daily. A few good ones:

  • The pessimist complains about the wind; the optimist expects it to change; the realist adjusts the sails.
  • Tough times never last only tough people do.
  • Two choices in life – take the leap or spend the rest of your life wishing you had.
  • Tears are for melting a heart that has been frozen.
  • We are all broken, that’s how the light gets in.
  • The finest souls are those who have gulped pain and avoided making others taste it.
  • You opened two gifts this morning – your eyes!
  • Sometimes the most ordinary things could become extraordinary simply by doing it with the right people.

The last one rings true. My Thanksgiving was pretty ordinary. You can see this in the photos – there’s nothing special about them. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t extraordinary because it was.

Having a home was what I was most thankful for this year, and although I wasn’t physically home, I felt right at home. Thanks Ginny.

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    Elaine Khachi

    You are a gifted photographer along with all your other gifts. Thank you for your beautiful blog. I look forward to receiving it. I love the sewing inspiration. You may want to consider recording your classes and selling them as webinars so someone like me out in California could watch them. Thank you again.

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      Or I could travel to California and teach a class 🙂

      Shhh… it’s in the works.

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    Clarinda Kaleidoscope

    Beautiful photos of what was clearly, in its way, an extra-ordinary day.

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      It was an extra-ordinary day. I hope yours was the same!

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    Thank you for wonderful words of inspiration to find extra-ordinary in ordinary 🙂 It is always there.
    I second the suggestion to record your classes, so that us, Canadians, could join in!

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    Lovely photos. Glad your Thanksgiving was nice. Ironically, I just left a comment on your Speigel giveaway post requesting online classes. Better yet, how about YouTube, for those of us who can’t afford it?

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