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The Dress

The dress. The god damn dress. Well, here it is ladies (I highly doubt any gents are reading)! Like I have written many times, Brandy, Valerie and I spent an entire Friday photographing my creations that I have made over the past year when I was in Florida two weeks ago. We had such a blast and I couldn’t thank the two lovely ladies enough.


This particular dress began last November when I received an invitation to attend my dear friend Meme’s wedding. Because people know what my day job and side hobby are, they always ask me, “Did you make your outfit?” Since Meme’s wedding was going to be quite the event (think high school reunion), I wanted to make my outfit for the occasion so that I could answer their question with, “Why this old thing? Oh yeh, I made it; whipped it up in no time. Ain’t it fabulous?”


The dress was based (a better word is copied) off of a BHLD dress that I fell in love with the first moment I saw it online. I made many muslins for this dress, click here to see the first muslin and click here to see the second muslin, as the side cowl on the skirt was hard to achieve because it had to drape perfectly over my hips. Regardless of the fact that I spent many cold Saturdays and Sundays with my mannequin (her name is Avery) watching Saturday Night Fever (John Travolta a la 1970s is the only reason I made it through those cold winter weekends), I had a blast working on this project. From updating you with my progress to fabric shopping in Philly’s fabric row, I have a great memory attached to this dress. And how did the dress hold up during the wedding? Well, I didn’t look better than than Meme (a bride’s glow on her special day is hard to beat), but I looked pretty darn good, especially with my tropical printed shoes (aren’t they amazing?).


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    Is this the first project dress? It looks great!

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      This was the dress I made for a friends wedding I attended 2 weeks ago.

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    Gasp!!!! Tres beautiful lovely lady – what special photos.

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    Meg @ Mood

    Wow, I love this dress on you! Well done.

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    Heather Lou

    Madalynne, this is just so utterly lovely on you! And i love the styling of your photos. So much more glamourous than shooting with a self timer on the balcony. I could never in a million years pull off the colours here but with your lovely fair skin and hair you looks positively per-Raphealite!

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      This comment made my day. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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    Oh, it’s sooooo beautiful! What a perfect fit and the photo styling is fantastic.

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      Valerie and Brandy were amazing to work with.

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    Loving those shoes girl….and the wild hair at the last pic! shake it loose! the sash it a great touch .. the weight of the fabric is perfection.. it really accentuates the drape of the side details.. you go girl!

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      I told you I was curling my hair with all the extra time I had!

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    Wow!! It turned out so so beautiful!! I love it with the obi style belt and the floral shoes. It looks so modern while also evoking a bit of that Pre-Raphaelite glow that Heather mentioned! And kudos to your stylists hard work!! Its such a pretty backdrop for a pretty dress.

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    I think my mouth is on the floor it’s so breathtaking! You are one out of this world seamstress.

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      You are too sweet. I only try to do my best with every project.

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    Stunning dress! You look so beautiful. I forget but it’s 4 ply silk, yes?

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      No. I wanted it to be 4 ply silk but when I went to buy fabric, I couldn’t find any that was wider than 45″. Because the skirt was cut on the bias, I needed a fabric that was at least 55″ wide. I ended up getting a double sided poly crepe. I know, I know, it’s poly but it’s all I could find! Luckily, it sewed great and I didn’t have any problems.

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        I never would have known. It drapes just like 4 ply!

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          I know! And it cost me less than $20 for 7 yards!

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    worth it! it looks delicious and i bet it feels wonderful to wear.

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      It was wonderful to wear but what was even better was knowing I made it, for less than $20 too! Shhh!

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    FAB!!!! This is gorgeous!!! I LOVE it– nice job! You look like a model!

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      Oh I hate being a model! Im actually kind of awkward in front of the camera. I’m a much more a behind-the-scenes type of gal.

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    Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. The dress is unbelievable, you look gorgeous, you have the greatest friends ever, and holy styling batman. Wow.

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    Miss Crayola Creepy


    And Nate is pretty handsome too! πŸ™‚

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      Nate was the coolest dog ever! He chilled with us all day and didn’t say one peep!

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    Maddie you look lovely! The dress is gorgeous, and I like your necklace. The whole getup is just beautiful!! well done πŸ™‚

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      Thanks. The necklace and all other jewelry was vintage. Vintage = amazing!

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    Heavenly! Fairy lights, pastel colors, soft drape give you such a romantic look!

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    Rochelle New

    Seriously beautiful!!! Looove the styling too!

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    Jamie Rose

    Oh wow you did an amazing job on that dress! It looks so pretty! I love how these pictures turned out too.

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    Love, Carrie

    I think the first picture is my favorite…..so much character…..I just LOVE lIT! Thrilled to see how amazing this dress turned out!!! It is so perfect for you…..you have some talent girl <3

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      You have talent too lady! I always love all your photographs! An you’re just like me, self taught, which makes it even better.

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    The dress is gorgeous, and I like your necklace. I think the first picture is my favorite…..so much character…..I just LOVE lIT!

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      My dress is great and all but Nate, the dog, really made the whole shoot

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    This dress is absolutely wonderful! And I love this whole look of this shoot, and of course Nate the dog too πŸ™‚

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    Gorgeous! It turned out beautifully.


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    Geeeez, I love this! And these photos are absolutely adorable!!!!

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    AH-mazing, I’m in awe of your supreme draping skills! I bet you looked fabulous!

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    The dress turned out beautifully! It drapes so nicely, and is so elegant! πŸ™‚ And now you have a perfectly fitted pattern in case you want to make the floor length version, like your muse dress! πŸ˜€

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    this dress is amazing and you look completly stunning in it!

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    Found you through Blythe Ponytail Parades. I wanted to say that I really, really enjoyed your guest post. I recently got interested in textiles (the patterns on the fabric, mostly), so that post was a delight to read this morning. πŸ™‚ I used to sew a few things for myself, but it has been years and years and years. I never worked with tweed, though. (Though I did have a jacket for a few years.) That said, I do love this dress. It’s gorgeous on you; the shape is phenomenal.

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    Deanna Pryce

    Wow Madalynne! what an undertaking – and what a success! I love this dress!

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