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The Madalynne Girl: Anna Fowler


More than I think she knows, Anna has given me a new wave of confidence. We are both newbies at Anthropologie’s Rittenhouse location; it was August that we started working there. Last week, the Nina Set arrived at our store. Although associates were thanking and congratulating me about the release, I hadn’t seen anyone try it on, wear it or buy it. I was beginning to think that they were being nice. Anna was in the fitting room when I asked if she had seen my intimates. “Just try it!” I encouraged her. She tried it, and she LOVED it. Her smile, her tone of voice, her aura reassured me that yes, this whole lingerie dream I am chasing after, I CAN do it.

Just like Nicole, she embodies The Madalynne Girl – a woman whose unique beauty inside and out is a testament that pretty isn’t the standard 34B.

Tell us about yourself. I’m a 22 year old full time interior design student at Drexel University. I just moved to Philadelphia in August of 2016 from Norfolk, VA. I have been married for almost 3 years, and my husband and I live in a loft with our two cuddly kittens and our sweet pup. I spend most of my time in a studio working on my most current design assignment for school or binge watching my favorite TV show, New Girl. In my free time, I love going to a movie, cooking with my husband and trying out new restaurants or shops in Philly!

Bra size? 36D

Do you remember you first bra?
I do actually remember my first bra! It was a thin, white, cotton bra with a tiny bow in the center. I was in the 4th grade when I started wearing a training bra.

What is your favorite way to visibly wear lingerie?
I am definitely into the whole backless trend. A pretty, lacy bra is perfect for a strappy backless top. I always loved the idea of wearing a bralette under a low cut shirt, but never thought I could pull it off because I’m bigger chested. However, now that I have The Nina, it’s game on πŸ˜‰

Describe your current lingerie situation. Floral, colorful, and mismatched. Haha

Who is your favorite fictional and real world heroine? This is a tough one for sure. For fictional, I would have to say Belle from Beauty and The Beast. I love her love for books, her love for her family and the compassion she shows to someone who was lonely and misunderstood. I relate to this aspect of her more than I thought. When I was 10 years old, I was in Detroit during a very cold winter night with my family. A homeless man approached us for money for a coffee, and my parents said no. I instantly started crying, and ever since then, my mother has said β€œYou’re such a humanitarian.” I just can’t help it!  My favorite real world heroine, as cheesy as it sounds, is my mom. She’s been through more than I could ever imagine going through, and yet she is the sweetest, most loving woman in my life. I literally talk to her on the phone almost every day.

Who is the Madalynne woman? The Madalynne woman is someone who is beautifully unique, confident in herself and passionate about what she loves. Whether she’s going out on a date, or is painting away in the studio with messy hair and ripped jeans, she is confident in who she is. A personality is her greatest asset and she loves making people smile.



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    Great story and beautiful work! I’m convinced now, that I must try this Nina out for myself.

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      Me too! πŸ˜‰

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    Anna is so beautiful inside and out &a she rocks the Nina!!

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      Yes she does!

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