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What i Made: The Nettie Bodysuit + Giveaway

the nettie bodysuit

It’s a familiar scene: a harried woman is perched in front of her closet and wailing to herself, “I have nothing to wear!” The absence of appropriate attire is a legitimate reason to lament, which is why having staples and basics is imperative to well-being and well-dressing. You’ll always know what to reach for. A classic trench, a striped tee, a pair of blue jeans – all are must-haves. And a backless body suit – another essential. Without it, your closet is replete, but with it, you’re locked, loaded and ready to go in any situation.

the nettie bodysuit the nettie bodysuit

Last year, Heather Lou released the hit pattern of the summer, The Bombshell Swimsuit, and this year, she’s at it again, just launching The Nettie, a dress and body suit.

Inspired by one of everyone’s favorite blogger, Nette, The Nettie features a scoop neck and a low-cut bottom. Intended to be a versatile basic, sewers have many silhouette options: 3 sleeve lengths, 2 necklines and 3 back variations. Last, it has an optional snap closure so you don’t have to remove the entire thing when in the ladies room (I hate that!).

When I received the email to be a pattern tester, my response was, I responded without any qualms for hesitation, “Did somebody say bodysuit? I’m in.”

The instructions suggest using a 4-way stretch fabric with at least 50% crosswise stretch. I had a 2-way stretch lace in my stash (also used to make this intimates set) and I was confident that I could use it as long as I placed the DOGS (direction of greatest stretch) around the body. I cut the smallest size (size 4) and the only pattern change I made was reducing the back crotch length (I have a petite torso, but long legs). Because my version is not bra friendly, I underlined the front with satin Spandex. Instead of finishing the leg and neck openings with a binding, which is what the instructions advise, I used a 1” stretch lace trim and set it flat. I have found through trial and mostly error that I like to set whatever trim that is going around the leg opening (elastic, binding, etc), without stretching. Who wants something digging into their skin? No thank you.

All seams are French so that it could be clean finished. Because I was using lace, I wanted the seaming to reflect the fancy vibe. I used a small zigzag stitch on the horizontal seams (shoulder seam and armhole/sleeve seam) and a straight stitch on the remaining vertical seams.

Heather is offering Nettie to one Madalynne reader. To enter, like both Madalynne and Closet Case Files on Facebook. Then, in the comment below, specify your method of entry and contact information. If you already like us on Facebook, that’s okay. Just say so in the comments. Contest opens immediately and closes Tuesday, May 20th, when a winner will be chosen, notified and featured on Madalynne. Good luck!

nettie6the nettie bodysuit


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    So Beautiful!

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    It is beautiful!! I love how soft and feminine it looks 🙂
    I already liked you on facebook, and now liking Closet Case Files as well. I can’t believe I didn’t already like her, I’ve been following her blog for ages… (oh and you can contact me at birgit.vangoethem@hotmail.com)
    Have a great day!

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    Following both pages on FB. I love the Nettie dress! 🙂

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    Wanting to make one very similar. Looks fantastic. Both pages liked (closet case files added today).

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    So beautiful! I follow both blogs on FB.

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    Already followed you but now following Closet Case Files on FB too. Love this bodysuit. Love low backs. And I love lace. Perfect combo. Meghancunha (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Federica M.

    I like you both on FB! really love this version for the bodysuit, even if I am probabli going to sew an true “basic” version! federica (dot) maslowsky (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Rachel Dwyer

    Been following you through Bloglovin’ (and have seen all the amazing traffic going on about the Nettie!) Just liked both you and Closet Case Files on FB. rachel (dot) riman (at) gmail (dot) com

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    I like you both on Facebook. Can’t wait to see who wins!!! My contact is brigid(dot)boyer(at)mac(dot)com

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    Cyndi Johnson

    Already had you liked on FB & added Closet Case Files. You are really inspiring me to sew knits!
    Ccaj (at) att (dot) net

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    i love that you contrasted the super low-back with the modest jewel neckline. perfect balance. and i had been considering a cream stretch lace T this summer. now i may have to consider new directions! beautiful work again!

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    Karina Reid

    I love this lace bodysuit, so elegant and yet so va-va-voom! I wish I could pull it off 🙂 I liked you both on facebook and you can contact me at : loves.to.dance18 (at) gmail(dot)com

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    ZOMG I need this! Perfection.

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    I remember spying this on instagram and almost died! Your version is perfection, Maddie!! The lace is so SO sexy – yet the demure front keeps it from veering into racy territory! Love it!

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    This is so beautiful! You look amazing! Now I want to make one even more!
    I liked you both on facebook and you can contact me via disqus!

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    Sara R

    Ohh I loove it!
    And would love to make my own version 😉

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      Sara R

      PS. Following you both on Facebook

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    Love to win, following you both on facebook. I love how luxurious your Nettie looks!

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    Fleur Hoare

    It’s gorgeous! I was just wondering this morning when I’d see a lace version out & you’ve already done it. The flat lace is such a good call too!

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    Wow, gorgeous! Add a formal skirt and this could be a wedding gown bodice.

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    Erin Currie

    Love it with lace! As others have said, was just waiting to see it made in lace and it’s gorgeous!

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    Latrice Smith

    I really like how it came out. Lovely.
    Now, I have low-back bodysuit envy.

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    Evelyne Richard

    Your Nettie is gorgeous. Have liked on Facebook. Will definitely be putting this on the list of things to make for my daughter.

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    Beautiful, unique, and elegant as always. I love your photography and styling. So pretty!

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    Going to order the Nettie pattern…LOVE! Liked Closet Case in Facebook…so glad to know about it…..and already LOVE Madalynne!

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    That is the most beautiful Nettie I’ve seen and I already follow you both on FB 🙂

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    Silvia - Sewing Princess

    I love your version: feminine and classy! thanks for the tips on leg openings. I had been wondering how they were finished! Like you both on FB. I am dreaming of making my Nettie!

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    I just adore your Nettie!This one actually have to be my favorite version.Of course I already like both of you on FB.

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    Love it! It really is a classic! I like both of you guys on facebook.

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    So cute! I liked both pages on FaceBook!

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    Liked you both. 🙂 Your Nettie is lovely

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    Makes Her Mark

    I follow you both on FB! This pattern looks super useful and cute! Makeshermark (at) gmail (dot) com

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    Veronica C.

    I like both of you on Facebook! Love the versatility of this pattern. Heather Lou is an absolute genius!

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    Christina Mano

    Wow! Your body suit is gorgeous! I could never (ever) go braless in public (38G) but if I could, this would be one of my top to go staple: so chic, classic and sexy at the same time:-) might have to try out a bra friendly version with a more open front neckline and a higher back neckline?? Thanks for the inspiration:-)

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    Whoa! This is the sexiness! Love the idea of underlining the front but not the back 🙂

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    Really really lovely. I love the idea to line the front. Now you got me thinking about a lace one, too–perfect under jackets! I definitely have enough lace around! Did I tell you before how pretty you look in ivory? You’re such a beautiful woman ;).

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    simple explantions that make me feel I could possibly make this. And that lace trim is exquisite. Looks like you hand cut the details on the original lace it matches so well. I never thought of doing that before, but now will go out and buy some. I was already a fan on Facebook, but now am for Nette too!! drue54@gmail.com

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    So pretty! I already liked you in FB and today I liked Closet Case Files.
    That bodysuit looks terrific in you! Me wants one too ;P

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    It looks awesome on you! Love the idea of a lace bodysuit.. I like you both on facebook, under my own name (kim meijer)..

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    Audra Deemer

    Already liked your page on Facebook and now have liked Closet Case Files, thanks!

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    Jess Z

    This is definitely my favorite version that I’ve seen. Awesome job! Also, I like you both on Facebook. 🙂

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    Easily Amewsed

    Wowzers..now that is something else.

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    Beautiful bodysuit. Wish I was young enough to be able to wear something like that. I already “like” the Smuggler’s Daughter and bought a wonderful piece of fabric from her last month; wonderful quality. I have also now “liked” you on FB and have signed up for your blog.

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    Victoria Beppler

    Your Nettie is LOVELY and it makes me want to sew one up! Beautiful. victoriabeppler (at) gmail (dot) com. Liked on both. 🙂

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    Marchelle A-D

    GORGEOUS! I like both of you on facebook!

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    Elena Knits

    Yours is delicate and fabulous. Thank you for the giveaway!

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    This is absolutely gorgeous! Both of you liked on facebook! 🙂

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    Canal Couture

    Your version is gorgeous! I’m a new liker of both of you on Facebook. Thanks for the giveaway!

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    Kadri Kaur

    This goes straight to my to-sew-list! Wonderfully done and simply gorgeous. I have now liked both of the fb pages and look forward to hearing that I have won 🙂

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    Such a beautiful version! Both of you liked on Facebook 🙂

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    Gorgeous! Liked both pages on Facebook and have been drooling over this pattern since it came out.

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    I love your lace version – it’s so pretty! The combination of sweet lace and a sexy low back are a great pairing. You guys are definitely both liked on FB.

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    Amanda Russell

    I love your elegant lacy backless version – you look ethereal as always 🙂

    Question for you, though – I don’t suppose there’s any kind of workaround when making a backless garment, for those of us who absolutely NEED the support of a bra? I wish wish WISH I could go bra-less but there’s really an obscene amount of jiggle when you’re busty haha. I’ve been wondering about this for awhile actually, because I love the look of backless dresses but they’ve been out of the picture for me because of that very thing 🙂

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    Jennifer, Workroom Social

    Maddie this is so beautiful!

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    Brienne Moody

    This is beautiful!

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