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The Perks Of Having A Killer Day Job: Part 3

anthropology personal shopperI love my job. As part of a story for work (I am a blogger for this company), I had a mock appointment with a personal shopper at Anthropologie (Anthropologie is part of the Urban Outfitters brand). As a seamstress, I value the handmade and I try to stay away from gluttony, at least when it comes to clothing and wardrobe. But I also appreciate a big name brand who takes strides to construct their clothes beautifully. Anthropologie does this. I remember sitting in meetings when I worked in technical design for the brand (before blogging, I was a part of the technical design/production department) and production, buying, and design agreed to take the hit, accepting a lower margin, so that the back neck seam could be bound or the hem facing a contrast and fun print. Anthropologie is really a great company, inside and out.

I had an amazing time last Friday trying on and photographing my outfits that I had to share. Did I say that I love my job?

anthropology personal shopper  anthropology personal shopperanthropology personal shopper anthropology personal shopperanthropology personal shopperanthropology personal shopper


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    as is usually the case, i want your job.

    did you splurge on anything???

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    I’m pretty sure I love your job, too! 🙂

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    Ooooh such pretty clothes!!!

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    Lady ID

    Looks like a lot of fun. Nothing like having a job you love. I praise God all the time because I have that too.

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    What a fun experience! I can definitely see why you love your job 😉

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    You do have a great job! Love your outfits!!

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    Helen McFadyen

    Gorgeous! Anthropologie is my favourite shop and I am so lucky that we have one here in Edinburgh. Unfortunately I can’t afford to shop there very often, but I have my brother trained to buy me gift vouchers for birthday and christmas! 🙂

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    Gah! Your job sound so amazing! I love anthropologie. There isn’t any store in Ireland but I’m willing to pay the shipping every now and then because I just love that the clothes are that little bit different

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    I do love Anthro’s style! I have to admit that I’ve used them more for my own sewing inspiration than anything else, because they’re generally out of my budget, but I did recently get to splurge on a dress from there! (A friend who’s getting married is using a dress from there for her bridesmaid dresses, and I’m excited because it really is wear-again!)

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    Carlee McTavish

    That would be just way too much fun. It’s nice to hear that not all big companies are greedy money mongers!

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    Shelley Pleger

    Ah, where was Anthro when I was young… ; ) Love thier things.

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    Haylee Atkinson

    Can I please just be you? Like really though.

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    Ooh that blouse and swirly skirt, killer. I love playing dress-up, would certainly be a blast to have Anthro as the closet!

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