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The Way Sewing Used to Be: Renew-A-Pocket


My latest vintage sewing acquisition came from, yet again, a friend. I used to spend too much time on Ebay looking for the cheapest sewing lot, but now, I’m gifted old gems left and right. Buttons, trims, tools, fabrics and even machines – I’ve become the go-to girl for those who want to rid themselves of their dusty and rusty sewing stuff. I refer to it as giving it a loving new home. When I first started collecting, I stored everything in one box. That box has overtaken the drawer it is in, kicking out the sweaters and shirts that were once inside. Obviously, the sewing notions were more important than the clothing. Priorities.
pocket-4 pocket-1

We live in an age of easiness, some refer to it negatively as entitlement, and the way we shop is a perfect example of this. Customers, myself included, are more mobile than ever, and as we rely more on our cell phones, customer context has become very valuable. Companies and retailers are using apps to give us the right content at the right moment. Megan Nielsen tapped into this when she launched her app, which provides sewers with pattern instructions and tutorials where ever we are. I think she’s genius for creating it.

pocket-5 pocket-3 pocket-6

In a small way, I think this Renew-A-Pocket taps into that same idea. It spoon feeds the home seamstress how to repair a pocket. Look at the back of the package underneath step 2: “With hot iron, press down firmly (over IRONTEX tape section) for about 7 seconds. (Count to 7 slowly by saying IRONTEX, 2 IRONTEX, up to 7). How’s that for easiness – if you’ve forgotten how to count to 7, it tells you how. Wasn’t that one of the first lessons in Kindergarten, along with learning the alphabet? Thanks Renew-A-Pocket.

Don’t forget to upload photos of your vintage sewing gems to Instagram with the hashtag #thewaysewingusedtobe. Can you believe the album now has over 400 images! I love seeing your goodies, so keep grammin!

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