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the way sewing used to be

Portrait of a Seamstress: Rebeca Imperiano


Simplicity is refreshing and if done right, hard to achieve. It’s easy to throw a bunch of elements next to elements, things next to things, baubles next to baubles, or whatever next to whatever and say that they “go together”. That’s called bohemian. Editing and refining on the other hand – not so easy. Narrowing down an idea, a design or whatever forces you to decipher the elements that work, and at the same time, define your point of view. As a fashion design student at Drexel University, Rebeca Imperiano spent 3 years doing just that – defining her POV. This is just my opinion, but how she defined her namesake line, was spot on.

The Way Sewing Used To Be: Local Sewing Notions

My most recent lot of vintage sewing notions came from not Ebay, but a Philadelphian. Born and raised in Philly, both her mother and grandmother shopped nearby stores for fabric and trims. Can you believe it, a time existed without moodfabrics.com?!? I don’t know how they did it! Within the lot was this gem –hooks

The Way Sewing Used to Be: Scissor Sharpeners

Today, sharpening scissors comes in the form of an inexpensive and simple to use gadget. Delivering a sharp blade every single time (that’s what the product description read), Fiskars’ Scissor Sharpener rejuvenates blades to just-like-new status so that you don’t have to go looking for a replacement, or even worse, your paper scissors. I’ve even