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There’s No Place Like Home


“There’s no place like home.” -Dorthy, The Wizard of Oz

The movie The Wizard of Oz is a classic that is inexhaustible. Forever young. Sure, it could be Judy Garland’s amazing ruby red slippers that gets me every time, and they do, but it’s her journey home I connect with. This August, I transitioned from a full time position at URBN to a part time position at Anthropologie’s Rittenhouse store as a personal stylist. The reason – so that I could pursue Madalynne full time. It’s a decision that I know and feel is right, but still have doubts. That’s okay, it’s only natural to feel this way. 

In between that transition, I took time off to visit my family in Ft. Lauderdale. While a warm and sticky South Florida may seem drab and unappealing to some, it’s not to me. It’s my home, my Kansas. No matter how far I go in life or how cray cray it gets, I’ll always feel welcomed, soothed and comforted in that little pocket of the world.

Being at home gave me renewed clarity. I realized that in this new journey, the more present, engaged and in tuned I am with today, and the more I enjoy the now versus the future, the easier it is to feel at home anywhere, anytime, all the time.

β€œEvery day is a journey, and the journey itself is home.” -Basho

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    Madalynne, taking steps down a path you want to go, but leaving behind the safe and familiar is daunting, You will do well. As long as you can live on what you make on your part time job, keep working toward your goal. Don’t worry if it takes longer than you think it should to get to the milestones you have set for yourself. Be confident in your abilities. Good luck and best wishes..

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    Thank you Karen! Your encouragement means a lot.

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