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Tips for Creating Clothing Labels + Custom Label Giveaway


So so stinkin’ little, clothing labels are a hidden surprise or touch found inside (or outside) garments . Just like bias binding, french seams, or contrast facings, labels are a wink to others that say who made made the garment and where more can be found. I reserved labels for big companies, maybe bigger independent companies, but definitely not individual seamstress like you and I. Not so, sista! We too can have our own labels. While I was ninja-ing around Etsy, I came across Beckamade, a shop that makes one of a kind label for anyone. She’s here today to express the importance of labels as well as give her tips on label placement and label design. If you hang around until the end of the post, there just might be a giveaway for one of you.

From the moment my youngest daughter Ruby grabbed her little hands onto her “one and only blankie,” the two were inseparable. She dropped it one day while we were shopping and even though I looked everywhere for it, it was nowhere to be found. I called the store several times and went back on numerous occasions. I made her a close-but-not-quite-the-same blanket but she immediately rejected it (she’s a smart cookie). I wish the original maker would attached a label on it so that I knew where to go to have another one made.

As an independent artist, labels are so important and for several reasons too. Regardless of whether it takes a day, a week, or a month to make your garment, why not let people know it was your creation? Yes, it will let people know who made it – YOU – but if you’re a shop owner, it will tell your customers where to go to get more of the same thing or something similar.

Flat? Folded? Iron on? What should you choose? Well, it just depends on how and where the label will be attached. Iron on labels are ideal for cottons – you’re going to have to iron the garment while assembling so why not attach the label then? A flat sewn in label offers a professional and couture touch that quietly connoted, “I cared when making this garment.”

Size is another important component to think about. If there is a lot of information that needs to be on the label, folded labels are your best bet.

Location is something else to think about. I personally like a small label that is inside or on the back of the item but if you want the label to be a part of the overall look of the product, then placing it on the outside of the garment, where it is visible, is your best bet.

And if you don’t have a clue where to look for inspiration or ideas, look inside your own closet. Duh!

One of the most common mistakes with label design is trying to squeeze too much info on it, using a busy design, or using a design with really light colors. A delicate logo might look great as a shop banner or on a business card but labels are small. Having a black and white version or simplified version of your logo is a great way to keep the branding the same but make them readable. If you go this route, using the same font as your logo will tie it together with your brand. In the end, having a design that works with your aesthetic is the best way to put you mark on the item without compromising your vision.


Becky is offering one lucky seamstress and order of custom labels. To enter to win, like both Madalynne and Beckamade’s Facebook page. Then, in the comments below, tell us your favorite label design and why. Be sure to leave your contact information too! The contest will be open until Wednesday, June 19th, and winner will be notified by the end of the week. Contest is open internationally.



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    Hi! I would take the custom clothing labels if I won.

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    I love Beckamade’s flag design!

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    Laura Sharp Fisher

    Thank you so much for this post! I’ve recently been researching clothing labels and thought I’d have to buy like 10,000 and spend a fortune. This is such a perfect service! Of course I’d love to win some – I’ve ‘liked’ both pages. As far as design – I’d want fabric sewn-in, ones that could go on the outside as well. Great advice re logo, business and colours as well. Sorry – I’m rambling – excited! x

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    Carlee McTavish

    I’ve ‘liked’ both pages. The best label I’ve seen on clothing to date was from an independent clothing line in Quebec that makes environmentally sustainable clothing from recycled products. They always put the label on the outside with a small red button sewn on. I thought it was a unique way to brand yourself. HOWEVER, having said that, I just went on Beckamade’s Etsy site and see that there are QR code labels?! I don’t have a smartphone, so I’ve never scanned something, but that is just the smartest thing ever for branding! Especially when you are just a small business and you want to fit in all sorts of information onto your label but can’t!

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    Polly Pierce

    I love the woven sewn in type of label, ie flat, rectangular with turned side edges which are sewn in the back of a garment. A Bit old fashioned, but what the heck…?

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    I have liked both pages.
    My Favorite label design… I like the sewn in labels, especially the ones that are unique, like the ones that some of Anthropologie’s clothes have. For example a scrap of ribbon, or lace. Or even a hand embroidered label… but that’s getting beside the point! πŸ™‚

    I hope to goodness I win! πŸ™‚

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    Stephanie Lanzetti

    Have liked both pages… I like simple labels – sew in ones. Had a look at Beckamade’s stuff … nice.

    But oh don’t make me choose, too many.. but in the end went for the Pink Chevron ones.


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    Helen Maxwell

    Great competition thanks! My favourite labels of Beckamades are the Pink & Black Fancy Fame design: https://www.facebook.com/beckamade/app_345855675434814 because Pink & Black are my two favourite colours, and I love the vintage feel to the label. It is simple yet chic.

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    Lebec Egirl Sews

    Putting labels on items that you are making to sell is so important. I found that when I put some items in a coffee shop to sell, people liked them and I seemed to sell more. Would love to win some labels…might be fun to add a different design to my items while still promoting my “brand.”

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    Lauren Taylor

    Cute! I love the retro oval design. I’ve been wanting some custom labels to put in my clothing, just because I think it’s such a nice touch. I prefer the sew-in over the iron-on ones, though. I just think they look and feel nicer πŸ™‚

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    I don’t sell items, but putting labels in things I sew for myself makes them feel infinitely more special! My favorites in her shop are the Pink and Gray Damask. So pretty!

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    Amy Stevens

    I don’t sell items, but putting labels in things I sew for myself makes them feel infinitely more special! My favorites in her shop are the Pink and Gray Damask. So pretty! And, just in case it’s not on my profile, my email address is amym710[at]gmail.

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    So cute! I’ve been meaning to have some labels custom made for a while. I’m fond of the little mustard chevrond esign. I definitely prefer sew on labels.

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    i tend to like the flat labels on shops like ae/hollister etc. they are too cute! hope i get to win some labels as i had been looking into buying some!

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    Thanks for the reminder. I’ve been meaning to get some custom labels for ages! I think the gray scalloped one is my favorite.

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    This is great; I’ve been wanting to get labels made for a while! I really like the one in this post with the Don Draper-esque silhouette! It’s simple and clean. Thanks!

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    I’ve been thinking about getting labels for a while. I think they add that extra professional detail. I would go with the own logo design as I can’t be torn away from turtles!

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    ooh would love some labels for my digs. thanks for chance

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    Great giveaway! I’ve been looking into custom labels lately so this is perfect timing πŸ™‚

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    I love the retro design with the woman in the pretty dress! It’s a beautiful, classic design.

    bold and bewitched @ gmail .com (remove spaces :))

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    Maddie, your giveaways are always amazing! I clicked on the link to the Beckamde shop on your sidebar a few weeks ago and bookmarked it to check out properly when I wanted to do an order and then you come up with this, amazing! I really love all her labels, esp those with the chevron designs πŸ™‚

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    michelle h

    I love the retro oval design label. Reminds me of the “Bewitched” font πŸ™‚

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    My favorite label design is art deco cologne labels in pale pink and black. cute cool clean designs and full of atmosphere. Karolina email biskvi@gmail.com

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