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To Covet

Do you have things in your closet that you covet? You know… those items you’d never part with? Those items you could never get rid of… ever? Well I do and each one has a story behind it. Just read and see…

While scavenging through my grandmother’s vintage costume jewelry, I came across this number. The most beautiful shade of muted purple, I knew this wasn’t costume jewelry. Oh-no it wasn’t. It was a very, very large amethyst stone. An awesome find of mine, I wear this almost every day. I don’t really care that it’s size is a little large and ridiculous.

I bought this purse for my mom one Christmas but had ulterior motives – I secretly wanted it for myself. I knew that after a month of totting around the bag just to please me, she would switch back to her old purse, at which point, I would steal it from her. It’s just the perfect shade of blue, don’t you agree?

This is one of my moms vintage holiday sweaters. It’s very 80s (it has shoulder pads), very beaded and very retro. It has become a Sunday staple of mine – I wear this around my apartment as I dilly-dally the day away. Even though it is very chunky and cozy, I limit its wearings to the confines of my apartment as it is a little ridiculous looking but so much fun to wear.

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