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Tutorial: How to Make Tummy Tuck Pockets



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    Great little construction detail! But HAhahaha!! I’m dying imagining your shock when you’re phone started vibrating!!! Too funny!! Yes, I suppose a line of stitching would alleviate this issue.

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    Meg Kundert

    I’ve done this on a couple of pairs of pants, but not to tuck my tummy, just to prevent the pockets from opening too much when I move or sit. It’s a great technique.
    I actually have a pair of NYDJ jeans but cut out the tummy panel because it felt too ‘girdle’-like.

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    Natasha Estrada

    I’ve “lost” my phone several times in a very stretchy pair of of NYDJ’s they hide right by the zipper.

    The way I do the same thing with stretch powernet (usually not with pockets but a panels is the do a similar pattern alteration but trim a little on the side so the powernet piece is smaller than the pants piece. This holds the tum in a little like spanx. You have to cut it smaller so it will stretch and have some tension as it tries to recover.

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      I have always wondered if that would work! (how much smaller would you say?)

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        Natasha Estrada

        It depends on your size and how stretchy the powernet is but 1/4-1/2″ is a good place to start.

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    Tempest Devyne

    I’m totally intrigued by this idea/technique. One of the reasons I don’t wear trousers or shorts, and stick to dresses and skirts is the over-roundness of my lower belly….I seriously am going to have to try this. *pins to pinterest immediately* Thank you!

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    Interesting! I am definitely going to try this on my next pair of pants.

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