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Eep! Crotch Linings Explained

crotch lining gusset in panty

Crotch lining is like the word moist. For some, it’s NBD to say. For others, let’s just say it doesn’t roll off the tip of their tongue mellifluously. I think it’s better than saying genital lining, don’t you think? Perspective people! It’s all about perspective. Crotch linings are a necessary component of undies, however, they aren’t discussed much.

Sew Along! Madalynne x Simplicity 8229

lingerie patterns

To keep the momentum going for the Simplicity x Madalynne lingerie patterns, I’m hosting a sew along on Bra Making Forum, a Facebook group Natasha and I started in February 2015 and has surprisingly grown to over 5,000 members. It’s a closed group where you can post what you’ve made, get instant feedback on your projects, read

Simplicity Bralette Variation 4 (No Hook + Eye Required!)


Hi sewing peeps! Today, I’m sharing another tutorial for the Madalynne x Simplicity collaboration. If you missed the first three, scroll down to the bottom of this post for links. This tutorial is inspired by a Free People design and is for the 8228 halter style (view A). I was browsing the FP website for inspiration when

Madalynne X Simplicity Video Tutorial

how to sew a bra

Just when you thought everything from the Madalynne X Simplicity lingerie line was released, I have more! Muahaha… In July, I posted a sneak peek hinting that a video tutorial would accompany the patterns. Well, it’s here! I am a visual learner and absorb information best by watching someone first, then attempting it myself after. So, although I hope this short video

Behind the Scenes: Madalynne x Simplicity Video


I can’t tell you exactly why just yet, but I’m sure you all are smart cookies and will be able to figure it out. This past weekend, the Simplicity team and I spent some quality time together at Madalynne Studios. If you didn’t hear the news, we teamed up to create 2 lingerie patterns, which will

Noelle: A Free Bra + Panty Pattern


You asked and you shall receive! After posting so many of my own iterations, and after so many requests to release a pattern, I am finally offering the Noelle as a free PDF. A simple style, I’m confident that if you’ve sewn lingerie, you can rock this! So, where can you download the pattern? Will there be a sew along? What’s the hashtag? Read below yo!

How To Reduce Bulk When Sewing Lingerie

reduce-bulk-sewing-lead copy

When working with thick fabrics such as fleece, wools or double knits, bulk is an obvious issue. I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but bulk is also an issue when sewing lingerie. Generally speaking, lingerie is made with thin fabrics – lace, mesh, powernet and the like. Lingerie is also made with elastic, which is thick in comparison. When two seams or edges intersect that have elastic (example: strap point), it becomes very noticeable – an unsightly lump that is a red flag for homemade. Even with the help of something like a hump jumper, it’s difficult to sew over without getting skipped stitches and/or your machine getting stuck. I have started using a (very easy) method, which I’m sharing with you today, that reduces bulk at these points, and has taken my me-made lingerie up a notch.

Make Your Own Underwear: Tips for Attaching Crotch Lining


We have serious things to chat about today, and by serious, I mean crotch linings. I’m sure, almost positive, that after reading the word crotch several times and looking at all the prettiness of crotch linings, you’ll be dying to make a pair of panties. DYING…

Crotch linings are the unglamorous side of sewing panties, or knickers, or whatever kind of underthings you call them. I’ve wanted to skip this step so many times. Almost always, crotch linings are made of cotton jersey, not anything poly, because it breathes. Cotton jersey can be difficult to handle though. It can stretch out of shape and shift out of place. I use a couple ways to make it easier to sew, which I’m sharing today, so nobody goes crotch lining less. There are so many ways to attach a crotch lining – this is just one way – and I’m not claiming that I am the first to use the following method.

Sewing Room Organization: How I Organize My Lingerie Supplies


January is a month for organization. Oh please, who am I trying to kid? I’m one of those neat freaks, so every month is a month for organization. You should see me when I get nervous or anxious. Thank goodness I live alone, minus my homeboys, Sage + Basil.

I live in a super small condo – my entire place boasts a whopping 550 square feet. It’s just a hair smaller than Buckingham Palace. When I redesigned my sewing space last March, my goal was to create an area that was not just organized, but efficient and functional. For the most part, it has stayed as is and just as clean. Woot woot! As the amount of supplies have grown, I’ve starting using new ways to stay neat and tidy. These aren’t methods I invented; I picked up most of them by taking not of other small businesses. Organization makes me happy – happy home, happy life, happy sewing life – so I thought I’d share. No one wants to see their sewing room turn into a jumbled elastic mess, right? So enjoy these few organization tips and please share your own! I’m currently trying to find a way to file patterns. Manilla envelopes? Plastic sheets?

Bra Making with Madalynne 2016: Register Now!

I never expected my bra workshops to be as successful as they have been. Not to mention a heck of a lot of fun. I remember sitting with Anna, who co-hosted the first session, discussing possible sewing workshops. Basic sewing 101? Pant fitting? How to make a jacket? Then, I lightly threw out the idea of a bra making workshop not thinking she would be interested. I was wrong. ALL WRONG! She more than like the idea, she loved it, and last February, we hosted the first one. I cannot believe believe that next Saturday will be the fourth. Time flies when you’re making bras yo!

What I Made: Theodora


Who could forget Bo Derek’s famous beach scene in the movie 10? Pre Baywatch and Pam Anderson, her slo-mo beach jog instantly made her a sex symbol. I want to braid my hair into cornrows after watching her. Okay, maybe not. Drop dead gorgeous both then and now, she achieved her status wearing a one-piece. A flesh toned one piece. Sure, she’s got some cleavage going on, but she’s not overly provocative. A little come-hither… yes. Slightly suggestive… absolutely. Very hot… you got that right.

3 Ways To Finish A Scallop Lace Edge

Having scalloped lace at the upper edge of a bra cup or on the bottom edge of a band/bridge/frame is a beautiful detail, but it poses a problem. How the heck to finish it? The usual way to finish either is to first sew plush/picot elastic on the right side of the garment with a zig zag stitch, and then flip it to the inside of the garment and sew it down once more, again with a zigzag stitch. The raw seam allowances are concealed the the tiny picots extend from the edge. Can’t do this when scalloped lace is involved. So below, I share with you three methods for finishing a scallop lace edge.

Sierra Wrap Bra Round Up


My favorite part of the Sierra sew along was seeing all your versions pop up on Instagram. The different variations were so fun to look at! One woman commented that she was going to add foam cups. Y’all are so smart and creative.

Today, I am sharing just a few of your Sierras. A list of Instagrammers are below so you can connect IG and follow along with their sewing adventures.