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Make Your Own Vera Aveline

posted on 04/23/2014, by

How Do You Know You’re A Seamstress?

posted on 09/12/2013, by

When someone asked for a measuring tape and I pulled 3 out of my purse, along with a curved and straight ruler, I knew I was exposed – I was obviously an addict. Not an addict of cigarettes or booze, but sewing! Hey, there are worse things in life, right? How do you know you’re  Continue Reading »

Review: Amy Alan’s Beginner Serging Class

posted on 08/29/2013, by

I hesitated to enroll in an online class, sewing or nonsewing related. It wasn’t because I doubted the virtual system, it was more because I am a creature of habit (aren’t we all?) and didn’t want to change the way I learned. When the iPad first came out, I was an early adopter along with  Continue Reading »

How to Make A Pattern Petite: Part 3

posted on 08/28/2013, by

Back today is Betsy from Skinny Bitch Curvy Chick Patterns, a company that caters to petite and petite plus size sewers who are looking for modern alternatives for a younger demographic. In part 1 of her series, Betsy spoke about the two theories of making a “regular” pattern into a petite pattern and today, she’s  Continue Reading »

      The Wardrobe Architect   The Wardrobe Architect   sewing blogs <best blogs>   “Georgia

      JEN is offering a tutorial on how to transform her well-loved-and-liked pattern, The Scout Tee, into an easy summer top based off of a Madewell design.


      Congratulations to Colette Patterns’ newest book, THE COLETTE GUIDE TO SEWING KNITS, for being the number one sewing book the week it was released.


      Have you taken your pledge for ME MADE MAY 2014? Only one week away, the month-long challenge even inspired me to join for the first time.


      Totally loving the top MEG made at a fraction of the cost of her inspiration.


      Thank you RACHEL for your tips on how to sew without frustration.


      I'm so jealous I can't make it, but SONJA, MARCE, AND JENNIFER are hosting a Manhattan pop-up studio. If you're in town or live around the area, this is a great way to spend a Saturday afternoon (believe me, Sonja + Marce + Jennifer = a good time!).


      Do you come from a long lineage of sewers, or are you the only one is your family who knows more than how to sew a button (that's me). TASIA asks this and reflects on her own past.