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TV Throwback: Friends Season 1

Sunday’s consists of the same thing – sewing, watching movies, and eating lots of carbs (after my morning stint at the gym, of course). It’s what I do almost every Sunday. It’s my routine and it washes away the chaos of the previous week, refreshes me, and prepares me for the week ahead. The Sundays that I miss my routine, like when I spontaneously fly home to Florida, something seems missing the next week.

While sewing and eating lots of carbs, I watch a wide arrange of movies. Stuart Little, Harry Potter, Hangover, Cool Hand Luke, Sabrina, How To Steal A Million, What Women Want, Something’s Gotta Give, West Side Story, Julie and Julia, The Fallen, Requiem for A Dream, 5th Element. Seriously, I watch it all. Lately, though, my movie marathon has turned into something different, a TV sitcom marathon. About a month ago, it was Dawson’s Creek but now it’s Friends, Season 1.

Rachel’s “The Rachel” hairdo is amazing and tacky at the same time, Monica’s neatnik habits is painful to watch, and Joey’s “How you doin” reminds me of my brother, James. Also, the use of “so” to modify adjectives is enough to put any other intensifier to shame. I enjoy these things about the show but more so, I am enjoying watching the unconventional lives their living. Rachel is a recent heartbreaker (she left her fiancé at the alter to move to the NYC and live with Monica) who is working as a waitress at a coffee shop. She’s not married, doesn’t have a career, and has been living off of daddy’s credit card since exiting the womb. Monica, the mother hen of the show, is a chef dating a man 21 years her senior. And Ross is a paleontologist… need I say more? Neither of their lives are normal but that’s okay because neither is mine.
“Should” is a word I do not like. I should graduate college, I should get married and have kids, I should party on Saturday night. The only times I use the word “should” is when it precedes or follows the word “want” – “I should do what I want” or “I want to do this, so I should do that.” This is what Rachel, Monica, Pheobe, Ross, Joey, and Chandler do – they do what they want, no what they should. If Rachel wants to have a baby out of wedlock, she should (and she does). If Pheobe wants to be a masseuse and sing “Smelly Cat,” she should (and she does). If Chandler wants to quit his job as an executive in statistical analysis to become a copywriter in advertising, he should (and he does).


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    Jackie Saffert

    I love this. It’s so strange because I never watched Friends when it was actually on the air. But these past few years whenever reruns are on I just have to watch, or keep them on as background. I am constantly laughing out loud at the ridiculous antics of the show, and crying at the emotional parts.
    P.S. I love your use of the word “should.” I need to start paying attention to how I use that word. Especially being a recent college graduate, there are so many expectations from so many other people about what I should be doing with my future. But all that I should really be caring about is what I want and what I’m passionate about. Thanks for the reminder!

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      I didn’t watch it when it was on the air either! My love for the show has only been recently. Weird, right?

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    Christine Haynes

    When I was in art school, Friends and Sex and the City were on TV and as corny as it sounds, it was super awesome to see people living in the city and doing their thing week after week. I would have kept on my path anyway, but having them along the way was a nice reminder to carry on 🙂

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      Sex and The City… don’t even get me started. It sounds cliche for me to say this, but I’m a total sucker for Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha!

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    This is one of my mom’s all time favorite shows. When I was little she used to watch it every week with her best friend. I always remember trying to stay up later to watch it with them. Good memories.

    – tianna

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      great memory. Agreed!

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    Gosh its been awhile since I thought of this show! I saw a re-run not that long ago and I remember thinking how dated it seemed – and then I felt really old!! Haha! I remember even as a teenager thinking how unrealistic their lives seemed (that apartment in NYC??!) but I think that misses the point. You’re right, what was great about Friends was watching 6 young adults live their lives according to their own standards.

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      Isn’t it weird how IT SEEMS that not too long ago, it was current. How and when did it become dated? It definitely makes me feel old!

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    I used to watch it growing up and these days I always catch re-runs on TV. It is quite out of the ordinary but I think that is what makes it a great show. That and the fact that it always makes me laugh.

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    Sunday is a perfect decompress day. If I can’t get my laundry done and paint my nails–I feel incomplete. Starting my week off on the wrong feet. Also, my clothes are dirty.

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      I feel the same way! Sunday is about doing THAT routine that sets you right for the week. That routine, for me, is watching movies and TV shows over and over again!

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    hannah @ The Braided Bandit

    I have been scrolling through your blog for awhile and love everything! The photography is great, the projects, your style… Ah! I dont see how to follow on Google Friend Connect or anything but you can bet I will be checking back to see more! I hope you are having a beautiful day!
    xo Hannah

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    Sewing Princess

    I loved Friends…I even bought the soundtrack CD for my sister when it first came out in the UK (and that tells you that I am OLD). I still watch reruns and laugh every time

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    I usually put on Netflix when I sew, and have seen most of the X-Files, Buffy, Angel, Vampire Diaries, Todders and Tiaras, Say Yes to the Dress, Hoarders, Ru Paul’s Drag Race… the list goes on!

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    Chrystina Noel

    Can you believe Friends is on Nick at Nite now? It’s kind of ridiculous. Very good choice of show to watch though. I also really liked Dawson’s Creek, but the summer I chose to watch it I only made it through season 5, so I probably should finish that. Also – EXCELLENT movie list.

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