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Let’s talk Undies

First up is a quick update on my bra workshop this past weekend. It was fantastic! There was a great group of students and we had a ton of fun! I’m a little pooped, which is why the posting today is light, but I’ll be back soon with a full recap. In the meantime, check out all the photos on Instagram – #bramakingwithmadalynne.

So, let’s talk undies. I want to up my undie game. Yeah, you read that correctly, I want up my undie game! I’ve focused a lot on bra designs – editing and refining fit and silhouette – and as a result, I’ve forgotten about underwear. Poor undies! I’ve made basic high-waisted and low-waisted briefs and a few thongs. All have been flattering, but again, basic. Very blah.

So, my mission (among all my other missions) is to add variety and interest via cute strap and lace detailing. I created a board to gather inspiration. What do you think? Have any undies caught your eye lately that could go well with Nicole or Mallori? When I needed help on the silhouette of Nina, I turned to you for feedback, and your comments resulted in Nicole. I love Nicole, so I’m asking for your help again.


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    I love what you are doing. Just found your Pinterest link to your mentionable a board – gorgeous stuff there. You have a beautiful ascetic view and I adore the soft colours you love to use. Soft and delicate. Certainly be happy to comment in future. I’m just starting out and bought Watson pattern and some cloth at the weekend

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      Im so glad you found my site! I hope you continue to find inspiration here; my readers are one of my inspirations.

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    I love fancy undies. I have sewn a few sets together but they are so dull. I sew a lot of wool and cotton knits for my husband and have scraps left over; I have made some pants for myself. However, they bore me to death. I wish I knew where to source some fancy lace.

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      I agree with the challenge of finding sources anywhere in the USA where a trip to buy fabric and trimmings in NYC is not possible. Online has not been the answer either. Here in NC our 3 fabric stores dont have what we need. Ideas?

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    There are plenty of online options in the US – Arte Crafts and Tailor Made Shop, both have ads to the right of this column are great places to source both fancy lace and trims. No more boring undies!

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