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Update: Building A Lingerie Wardrobe

Revised Sketch

I think the intimates industry as a whole has become more adventurous and fashion-driven and is no longer just about support. Women are also wearing intimates as fashion; I certainly like when my bra shows underneath an oversized tee, blouse or dress. Funny because it wasn’t too many years ago that visible bra straps were a blooper. In high school, if I was wearing anything strappy or strapless, I wore a bra with clear straps. How times have changed, right? Now, I’ll either go braless or wear a cute, lacy number for all to see.

I also believe that a revival of 90s Kate Moss is on the horizon. I haven’t warmed up to the trend yet, but I’ve seen these Calvin Klein bras and undies popping up on Instagram and Pinterest as well as in magazines. Tacky or fashion forward? Regardless, these slightly active wear, slightly feminine styles are a reflection of a woman’s lifestyle today – similar to the high-low, boyfriend-jeans-with-statement-heels-and-necklace trend. We want to be feminine, but we also want to be able to go about our busy days comfortably. Just my two cents. I could be totally wrong.

I’m still stuck on soft bras. “But you’re limiting yourself” – I get this comment a lot when I say I don’t do underwire. I get it and I agree. But I can’t be all things, at least not right now. I can’t cater to the no-chests, small-chests, large-chests and extra-large chests. Too many boobs to consider at once. That’s not to say I don’t like underwire or I won’t experiment later. I bought a bra in Paris from Wolford that has underwires and it is ridiculously comfortable. It also makes my boobs look big. Ow, ow!

I set out to build a lingerie wardrobe earlier this year and boy, was I totally off in my projections. Pun intended. The sketch you see above is what it actually turned out to be. But when does life ever turn out the way you planned? What is the saying, again? When life throws you lemons, make more bras? Yes, that’s it! The bra in the middle is Noelle Warner. You’ve seen a ton of her and I’m sure you’re sick of her at this point. The one to the right and to the left are unblogged styles that I’m hoping to share with you soon. I don’t like sewing sports bras, so I shooed that off the list. That means my bra wardrobe is not entirely handmade and I’m okay with that. I’ve worn each style in almost every occasion and outfit.

As simple as the styles are, I have learned a lot, like how far apart I like my straps to be, what fabrics are most comfortable, a flattering width for the bottom band, etc. With my basics silhouettes on lockdown, what do I want to do now? Branch out. What has been the hardest part is sourcing good quality fabric and trims for more complicated styles. I’ve also been having the itch to sew clothes. Not many, maybe a holiday outfit or whatnot. Maddie wearing clothing?! Seems like everyone is used to me wearing only my skivvies. No, I don’t prance around half nude all day.

What are you up to? Got any fun bras on the way? What do you think of the Calvin Klein trend?

sketch by Chelsey Totten



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    Well, it seems these days I only sew for other people and hardly have time to build my own handmade wardrobe… Which is such a shame! But I’m finally considering getting into bra making and I already downloaded your pattern to start with! I really don’t like underwired bras (for some reason most of them feel uncomfortable and the worst ones even give me visible scratches, ouch!). Still, th majority of my bras are underwired because I haven’t been able to find soft bras with enough support, even though I’m small chested.

    Your beautiful bras have made me so inspired and I can’t wait to have some free time to get started. It would be awesome to create a whole collection of handmade lingerie that are comfortable and fit my measurements exactly. I’ll let you know if and when that happens – thanks for the inspiration!

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      Thank you for the sweet comment! Please share your projects with me! For real.

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    Natasha Estrada

    She lies. I picked her up from the airport and she was half naked. She claims it made airport security easier. ;D

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      I can always expect a funny response from you and I love it 🙂

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    Emili Day

    I agree, collecting the supplies seems to be a challenge for lingerie makers. Ive downloaded the pattern, but getting it all together is harder than grabbing something from my stash. I know you are thinking a lot about your brand, etc. Have you considered selling kits? I love your style, finding it hard to imitate…..

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      I haven’t considered selling kits – thanks for the suggestion. I’m not sure how my brand is going to develop, but I’ll keep it in mind!

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