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UPDATE! Madalynne x Simplicity 8228 Kits


You guys – errr… ladies – I’m absolutely shocked about the positive response from the release of my kits this past week.I listed 30 kits listed for preorder, hesitating to put up more as I wasn’t sure if folks would be interested. It was just a test to dip me toe into offering kits for my Simplicity patterns. It only took one day for all 30 to sell out. One day! Sheesh, I’m blushing!

As I scramble to restock my shop with more kits and variations, a few updates as well as questions for you:


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    Will you be having kits for 8229? I already have the pattern but total confusion about where to buy all the bits

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      Maddie @MaddieMadeThis

      Mags, I’ve had great luck with the kits from TailorMade for the 8229. She sends everything and has lots of colors! Look for “underwire kits” and then choose one she can do a 3×3 hook and eye with. I used her kits for my first two 8229 (also my first bras!) and they came out so well! There’s more information on my blog – I can’t link here, but you can find it under “things I’ve made.”

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      It’s in the works 😉

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    I would appreciate if the option to include the pattern were available. 😉 Simplicity patterns aren’t readily available here in Canada so I would have to order it online anyway, and it would be nicer to have it all in one bundle. 😉

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      Noted! I’ll try to make that happen.

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