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VIDEO TUTORIAL: Quick Back Band Alteration (For When You Mess Up!)

sewing tutorial for bra pattern

Perfection is over rated. That’s a motto I live by and tell all my students. In a perfect world, you and I cut our patterns precisely and sew exactly as the instructions state, but the world ain’t perfect. I’m very much a “cut as I go” type of sewist. Listen, fabrics can shift and stretch out of shape. Even if they have Spandex and “should” rebound back to their original state, they don’t. Again, the world ain’t perfect.

In this video, I show a quick fix for when the back band is too wide to fit into the hooks + eyes. I’m super excited about this tutorial because hopefully, it is the first of many lingerie tutorials to come. I’m hosting it on Thinkific because eventually, I want to offer new tutorials and extensive courses monthly. Since this is the first, let me know what you think and what other tutorials you’d like to have offered. Also, subscribe so you can get updated when I release more videos!

Click here to watch now!


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    Great video tutorial. I never thought to use my 505 adhesive that way.

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    The video stops after 13 seconds. Is it a glitch or do I need to sign up and enroll?

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      You need to enroll. The video that first appears on the landing page is a teaser. Scroll down to watch the full thing.

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    Okay you always talk about that spray but something about this video has finally sold me on it! It’s on the way to me now. Great tutorial as well 🙂

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      The 505 spray is a must have!

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    Linda Ærbo Sørensen

    I’ve done this severel times so it’s so nice to know that it’s a proff trick. TFS

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    Marie Chantal Laporte


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