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How i Wore It: Vintage Nightgown and Bodysuit

Other than vacuuming while wearing a wedding dress and drinking wine (like I admitted to doing), do you ever play dress up? I use the word play loosely because it’s not so much about playing, it’s more about just feeling good about yourself. Life sometimes gets in the way of looking pretty during the week and on the weekends, all  you want to do it paint your nails, blow dry your hair, and just put on a damn good outfit. Me too! I’ll be the first one to admit that vintage can be hard to wear without looking like you’re straight out of the 50s, 60s, and 70s, and that’s why I reserved this outfit to the confines of my apartment – Chateau Madalynne. These pieces, a vintage nightgown and a lace body suit, are from my favorite sponsors this month – Back In Style and Ines Perpina. Back In Style is a vintage store based out of South Florida and they have loaned clothes to me for some of my photo shoots. They have an online shop full of awesome vintage pieces for very reasonable prices. Ines Perpina is an Etsy shop based out of The Netherlands with handmade bras, undies, and bodysuits. Bodysuits have been on Amy and my mind recently so when I found Ines and her shop while browsing Etsy, I had to introduce myself and see if we could collaborate in some way. She even has a velvet bra! So one Saturday, when I had a particular rough week, I blow dried my hair, did my nails, and spent the afternoon dilly-dallying around my apartment wearing this. It was ridiculous but just what I needed. Oona might say that the only thing missing is a drink in my hand, preferably wine, but I think the only…

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How i Wore It: Cleaning

How do you clean? Do you wear sweats? An oversized tee? Scrunchie socks? Well, I do it a little bit differently. I wear wedding dresses (I have two), sip wine, and dance to really bad tunes. Birds may even chirp. If you’re going to get sh** done, why not do it in style, right? I think I’ve taken blogging and outfit posts to a whole new level.

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A Morsel of Fashion History

A morsel of fashion history is what I have to offer you today. I don’t want to cause any overdoses. While ending an elliptical marathon at the gym two weeks ago, I flipped through Town And Country Weddings to make the time go by faster. Yes, I read wedding magazines. I read all magazines – architecture, gay and lesbian, travel, fashion, etc. But that’s not the point. Stop asking questions, okay? So, in my last five minutes, I came across this paragraph, “For decades, fashion designers have been enamored of the wedding dress. Beginning in the 1920s, couture houses such as Lanvin, Vionnet, and Mainbocher showed bridal gowns as a service to society women who were looking for complete wardrobes to accommodate every facet of their lives. By the ’40s and ’50s the practice had become increasingly popular, thanks in part to Jacques Fath, a Hollywood favorite who designed Rita Hayworth’s gown for her wedding to Prince Aly Khan, in 1949.” The short article continued on to discuss how it was custom for designers to end their collections with a bridal look because, as stated in the paragraph above, it would create a “complete” wardrobe for a woman. That had my head, and not my feet, spinning. The fact didn’t alarm or upset me – it made me think. What kind of impression was that giving – that a wedding and a husband is what entailed “completed” look and in turn, a “completed” life? Who was influencing who? Were the designers pushing marriage on women or were the women pushing the designers to create wedding looks? Was this really a sign of the times? Lastly, oh my how times have changed, for better or for worse.

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What I’ve Made: Undies and Other Underthings

Maddie, you’re so slow! I know, I know. You don’t have to tell me because I know.  While I was home in Florida for Christmas, Valerie, Brandy, Becky, and I collaborated once again for a photo shoot of my most recent creations, which this time, was not a dress but lingerie. Well, the photos are in. Here they are – a matching bra and undie set (pictured directly below), a pair of shirred lounge shorts (pictured directly above), another pair of shirred undies (star print), a sheer white chemise, and a polka dotted romper. All other garments pictured were vintage and rented for the shoot. As opposed to my previous photo shoots where I modeled all of the garments, I chose to use a model to show you that the lingerie I make fits my body as well as others. This was important for me to demonstrate in the shoot because next week, I just might have a pattern ready for you to download. Might. I’ll spare you the technical details of each garment today because I just want you to gawk. Beginning next week, I will publish posts for each individual garment that will explain its construction and patterning in detail. So, start gawking…

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How i Wore It + Giveaway

I channeled Michael Jackson. I mixed black and white, incorporated sequins and fingerless gloves, and scrunched my socks low, real low. Don’t give me that look. This is how I do comfy and cozy. I don’t even need to grab my crotch to make a statement. I am a Floridian only by birth and definitely not by skin color. When I moved to Philadelphia, mittens were a new fashion accessory. How, when, and with what were questions I had to work through via trial and error and I erred very wrong in my early mitten-wearing days. It was my first winter in Philadelphia and I was an Assistant Technical Designer for Alla, Senior Technical Designer for Jackets and Outerwear (capitalization intended). She was Russian, knew her shi…stuff, and I often made her laugh unintentionally with my questions and statements. “Maddie, where should the stitch line be on this sketch? To the left or to the right of the placket seam line?” Alla asked. “To the left,” I answered. “Haha…” was her response. My answer wasn’t right. That was the type of relationship we had. Our bonding came to a peak when I showed up to work one day with a new pair of yellow fingerless mittens. Thinking that they were next best thing to brussels sprouts (sliced bread sucks), I said, “Look at these mittens! They have pockets where I can store a key or a credit card. That’s so clever of them. I bet they stole the idea from Lululemon.” Alla really started laughing. “No, Maddie, that ‘pocket’ is a cover for your fingers. You unbutton it and fold it over your fingers. See…” She demonstrated my stupidity. Stupid Floridian. Stupid, stupid Floridian. I have since learned the do’s and don’ts of mitten wearing. I have tried many, tossed many,…

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