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Isn’t he just the grandest fellow? Major swag he has, right?

Sorry, I digress. Now to the crux of this post – the weekend!

I have a guilty confession to make regarding my weekend plans. I’m going to see Mirror Mirror with Lilly Collins and Julia Roberts. Is that too korny and girly of me? It doesn’t matter. I’m seeing it anyways. Period. The end.

I’ve always taken a liking to such movies – ones about fantasy and the pretend world. When I was a little one, Charmed was one of my favorite TV shows (remember Pru, Piper, and Pheobe?) and even though Hocus Pocus scared the crap out of me, Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker together on one screen was just too irresistible. My love for the unreal hasn’t faded over the years either. Photographers such as Yvette Inufio and films such as Hugo (kudos to Martin Scorsese) appeal to my fancy (no, that’s not a grammatical blunder; I meant to not say tickle my fancy). What about you? Do you have any embarrassing (or not so embarrassing) likes or loves such as mine? Spill…


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    Oh I’ve always loved witches and fairytales!! Loved Hocus Pocus as a little girl and as an older teen and adult (I was a bit late to the trend) I got totally swept away by Harry Potter. It is my deepest darkest and most loved secret. I love those silly books!!

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      Oh, you just found another guilty pleasure of mine – Harry Potter. Who doesn’t love Hermione Granger and the Weasley’s.

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    great picture Maddie,
    so urban – makes me miss a big city!

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      Those pictures of Blonde and Blue makes me miss that the fort (Fort Lauderdale)

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    Lady Danburry

    I love inspirational sports movies and Journey. That usually surprises people.

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    Ooh, I love Harry Potter, too! My guilty pleasure is probably ’90’s action movies– Die Hard, Speed, Terminator 2, Point Break, all that stuff. I even like the more terrible stuff like Commando. 🙂

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      Commando was awesome! Schwarzenegger, even more awesome! You mentioning that movie is bringing back some great 90s memories.

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    I am also a fan of hocus pocus… thankfully the disney channel plays it every halloween! fun! harry potter? fan. and I’m love all the fairy tale movies… audrey hepburn loved the fairy tales too… we’re in good company! enjoy the movie and let us know how it was!

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      I never knew Audrey Hepburn was a fairy tale fan. She was always enchanting in her movies, especially Sabrina

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    Rochelle New

    Hocus Pocus is seriously one of my favorite movies from when I was little!! Who am I kidding. It’s still one of my favorites haha! Let me know how you liked Mirror Mirror because I totally want to see it 🙂

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      Mirror Mirror was cute. Very, very cute. I’ve loved Julia Roberts since Steel Magnolias and Sleeping With The Enemy.

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