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I’ve had my outfits planned for weeks, okay months, and now it’s finally here.

Next week, I will be flying home to Florida to see my dearest friend get married (click here to see the dress I made for the grand occasion). We’ve known each other since nursery. We fought over who Kristen French, a mutual friend of ours at the time, liked the most, me or her. Miss French, of course, liked me way better. While I’m home and enjoying the warmth and humidity, I will catch up with old friends here, eat at least one meal here and maybe here, jog early one morning here, and hopefully end my trip on Sunday cruising along here on my dad’s new boat. I even bought the most amazing high-but-not-too-high-waisted bathing suit for the trip (it’s my first bathing suit in 5 years. Being a redhead, I must keep my complexion in tip-top shape and avoid the sun at all costs). It’s going to be wonderful. Really, really wonderful. Lucky for you, Madalynne will still be up and running while I’m away (yay!). Lizz of A Good Wardrobe, Megan of Studio MME, and Katie of A Girl Named Katie will be guest posting. In between each guest posters, I hope to share some photos of my going ons while in Florida.

Also, this week, the lovely Rachel of Swell and Stylish gave me the Leibster Award. Thank you, thank you, and thank you my dear. Like I have written before, I truly love sharing what I have learned with others, learning what I don’t know from others, and meeting others who have the same likes and loves as I. I have a lot planned for Madalynne and I only hope that you will continue to follow me as move towards and achieve each of my goals. Although I received this award before, the miss Alessa of Farbenfreude was so kind to give me the award a couple weeks back, I didn’t know that the recognition had to be reciprocated (sorry Alessa). So in return, I grant the Leibster award to the following lovely ladies and their blogs. Please be sure to head on over to their site and check out each one. I promise you love them just as much as I.

First, the lovely Alessa of FarbenFruede. I give her and her blog the award partly as an apology for not doing my part when she gave me the award but mostly for being such a wonderful blogger.

The lovely Rebecca of Naughty Shorts. She makes the prettiest 1950’s inspired tea dresses with the most amazing vintage linen fabrics. Even if she doesn’t post for a day or two, I’m guilty of browsing her vintage fabric fabric wares for way longer than I should.

The lovely Carrie of Blume and Grow. She takes the most wonderful photos and always writes the sweetest comments.

The lovely Sonja of Ginger Makes and the lovely Oona of Oonaballoona (I’m giving the award to both of these ladies simultaneously). Every time I comment on a sewing blog, they somehow have beat me to the punch. They’re everywhere; they’re commenting goddesses; I don’t know how these ladies do it.

Lastly, the lovely Jess of Running With Scissors, my newest blogger friend. I completely fell in love with her tutorial on winter to spring tights that I emailed the lovely lady just to say hi, what’s up, and I like what you’re doing. She, of course, emailed me back.

So my loves, I’ll end this post with the question I usually ask you at the beginning of every Friday post of mine – what kind of going ons are going on in your world this weekend? Please do share…


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    Hi lovely miss Madalynne, thanks so much for the love. What a gorgeous post this is. Your outfit is amazing, The dress for the wedding is stunning, and your new bikini IS perfect… I am about top go to bed, but tomorrow morning when I wake up and have my coffee ready to go, I am going to come back here and visit these other blogs you have mentioned 🙂 And I will be sure to reciprocate once I get organised. Mwah!! Bec x

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    Heather Lou

    I love what you’re wearing up there ^. Print mixing at it’s best! Have a great vacation love. My advice – huge sunhats and drapey caftans for your fair skin.

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    Jessica @ Running With Scissors

    I love your bathing suit. Hope Florida is amazing and I’d love to see you in your dress for her wedding!

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      Pictures are definitely soon to come…

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      My bathing suit fits like a dream. Not to high but still got some cheek action going on, if you know what I mean 🙂

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    oooo, i beat ginger!!!

    what can i say, i type really fast, further fueled by coffee for about a make-the-jump-to-lightspeed hour a day. thanks for the friday love, girl:)

    happy trip, know that i am coveting your bathing suit…

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      I don’t lie. You ladies amaze me with your commenting abilities. My bathing suit is fabulous. I’m still loving it as much as I did when I first bought it

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    Love, Carrie

    I just know you are going to have a blast in Florida with your friends and family…..AND look totally amazing in your beautiful dress! As always, your outfit in the above photo is adorable…..and thank you so much for the lovely blog award…..you are too kind <3

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      It’s a crazy outfit, yes, but I put it together at the last second and it looked great on camera, right. I was surprised.

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    Have fun Maddie! Can’t wait to see pictures 🙂

    I plan to work, ride horses, bathe horses, and maybe sew a lil too 😀

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      Horses sound so much fun. Unfortunately, I’m allergic

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    Miss Crayola Creepy

    Have fun on your trip!

    I love your outfit in the top picture 🙂

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    You do have some excitement coming up! Good for you … Enjoy your trip. Looking forward to seeing a picture of you in that beautiful dress you made!


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    That is one pretty outfit! =) I love the skirt’s print too.

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    Sewing Princess

    Lovely oufits! the dress is gorgeous…can’t wait to see the wedding photos. Enjoy your time with family and friends and sunny Florida.

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    Have a nice little getaway! Warm weather sounds fabulous! You’re so deserving of the Liebster, so glad to have met you! 🙂

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    🙂 Thanks for the blog love! 🙂 Have a wonderful time in Florida!

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    Look at me being super slow commenting!! Oy, what a week it’s been! But THANK YOU for the love– you’re too sweet!

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