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It’s Friday, I’m still in Florida, and I’m having the most wonderful time. The wedding is Saturday and to prepare for the occasion, I’ve been doing only the best thing that can be done – having fun and resting. I read the newspaper front to back, I took an extra long time curling my hair, and I chatted endlessly about nothing with old friends. While home, I’ve also felt bits of nostalgia everywhere. It’s a weird feeling – a mix between good feelings that I’ve done something with my life, I’ve gone somewhere, I’ve accomplished things and nostalgic feelings that I long to go back to a time that once was. Do you feel the same way when you visit home? I hope so.

I promised that I would update you with pictures of my travels and that I have done. I only took a few thus far (I think it’s important that during time off you enjoy the moment rather than trying to capture it. I promise more photos are to come next week) and I’m only going to show you one today (the photo at the beginning of this post). It’s a statue (not a real person) I walked by as as I was headed to baggage claim. At first, I walked by it but I had to retract my steps and laugh. Wouldn’t you?

Today, I’ll be photographing all my latest creations and if you want to see tid bits of the photoshoot, click here to see photos as I upload them throughout the day.


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    Great to have you home Maddie!! Enjoy every second – it always goes by way to fast.

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    Just found you via a beautiful mess and i love your work. Definitely following. Your photography is so unique and fresh.

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      Thanks doll and welcome. I only hope I contiue to impress you with my work.

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