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Every Friday, I ask myself, “How the hell did I make it to today?” Between work, side projects, side hobbies, keeping in touch with friends, running errands, and all the other little things, Friday seems like the horizon – a place far in the distance that no matter how far you travel towards it, it will always be just as far as it was at the beginning. When I wake up Friday morning, I get so excited about the next 2 1/2 days (the weekend really begins at 12:30 p.m. on Friday in my opinion). I get excited not because I don’t have to work (I love my day job) but because the weekend is when I get to work on things for me and not someone else. It’s my time to sew, read, research for future projects, work on my blog, and most importantly, kick back and relax (usually with my couch and some good movies).

What’s up for this weekend in my world? Well, I’ll begin drafting and draping the pattern for my next project, I’ll make a trip to Free People to try on this top to wear underneath this crop top I made, I’ll ride my bike Selena (she’s so good to me), and watch this movie over and over again (it was filmed in my hometown). What are you up to?

Oh, and if you’re wondering where the photos and the post of my dress went (if you scroll down, it isn’t there anymore), WordPress did something funny with the formatting of the pictures and I had to take it down. I plan to rewrite and repost it over the weekend. Sorry.



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    I love it. And your photos are incredible. And that dog is the cutest. And your style is the best. And I love fridays too (even though I don’t really get weekends)AND I think you are awesome xoxoxoxo

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      Thank you. I adore you and all your wonderful fabrics as well!

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    Such a cute outfit!! Weekends are indeed the best! Unfortunately I have a bit of a busy one coming up so no sewing for me 🙁 But I’ll send I’ll my mojo your way!!

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      Oh no. Hopefully you find some time to rest during your hectic weekend. Hopefully the time off from sewing will make you more motivated next weekend.

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    I love the entire outfit, it’s fun and fresh.

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    I love this skirt! I really like your sweet, feminine style– I could never pull off this look, but it so perfectly suits you! I hope you have a lovely weekend! I am really tired today, but hoping to get lots done over the weekend. Oh, and I LOVE Elvis movies– they’re so much fun! I probably have ten of them on DVD.

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    Jessa Belle

    You made this skirt?!? I was completely smitten the moment I saw it but now I am also in awe. It’s gorgeous!

    Love & Lollies… Jessa

    Caked Vintage Blog

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      I made it over the holidays but never liked it because I didn’t know how to outfit it. Not anymore. The red and mint green are divine together.

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    Oh I totally feel you about Friday’s! I live for the weekends! My weekdays are so packed with work, then evenings with dance class, workouts, hanging out with friends, and any free time is used for crafting that weekends are bliss! I love the skirt by the way – totally gorgeous!

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      Your schedule sounds exactly like mine. Coincidence!

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    I’m sad the dress post is down. Silly WordPress. What was the issue? Did they resize? I often find that I have to take out the html code that says “size-full” or something like that since if I don’t my images can end up humongous. Anyway, you look as cute as ever above.

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      I honestly don’t know what it did. I have never seen it do such anything like this before. I usually resize my pictures manually as you described but what happened was different. I think a hacker got into my account. Lately, suspicious subscribers that are labeled as administrator have been added to my account, meaning they have access to change anything on my blog. So not only were the pictures resized but the wording of the post was all jumbled and out of sorts. Regardless, I’ll rewrite the post and it will be up soon. I’m sad too 🙁

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    Your skirt is beautiful! You did an great job and it looks perfect with the top and your dog is so adorableee!

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    Carmen @ Forgotten Fancies

    Sounds like a great weekend! What a wonderful blog you have! Thanks for dropping by mine so I could discover yours. x

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    I love that photo! Also I saw from your cupcake post that you live in Philly? I live around there too. Except during the summer anyways. 🙂


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