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First of all, I want to give you a heads up that starting now, Madalynne will be undergoing a redesign. I won’t be posting for the next week as the transition occurs (and I’m sorry if my site looks a little funky during that time) but sit tight and I promise that new Madalynne will be spectacular! Click here to get a sneak peak of the new design.

Now onto my post…

Once again, it was a whirlwind week. For about six months, something was going on in my chest. I couldn’t pinpoint what it was or where it was. My heart, my lungs, my throat? I just didn’t know. Well, on Tuesday, I visited an allergist. It was the first doctor of many doctors to figure out what was going on. Linda, the nurse (we became good buddies during my 4 hour visit), pricked about 40 spots on my back where she had dropped various allergies and no more than a three minutes later, she had to stop the procedure because I was breaking out into hives. Apparently, I am highly allergic to everything except cashmere, ruffles, Italian men, and Grace Kelly movies. Twenty-eight shots later and I left with a goody bag that held two of my newest accessory – a nose spray and an inhaler. Do you think Kate Spade makes holders for such things?

My week got even better. Way better. On Thursday, I won a $1,000 wedding dress for $87 at an auction at work. No I don’t have a boyfriend and no I don’t have a fiancé but I have a wedding dress. Am I insane? I think so sometimes. The deal was just too good to be true. It is made of the most gorgeous silk linen blend and it has eyelet detailing at the bottom and a beautiful bow at the back. I may refashion it to be a maxi skirt or I may leave it as is and wear it to a summer wedding despite its color. I will look better than the bride!

As for this holiday weekend, I will be chillen with my Grandma Mimi for most of the weekend. A couple of trips to the pharmacy (she thinks CVS is revolutionary) and many slow car rides to and fro (she one of those old ladies you honk at) are on the agenda. She’s fabulous and a hoot and I can’t wait to spend some time with other. In addition to Grandma and granddaughter bonding time, I will true the pattern for my latest project and I will cut the fabric for my muslin for my other project. What’s on your agenda?


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    I’m glad the doctor was able to find out what was wrong with your lung/chest! hopefully it will get better..:)
    i love your new site design! so girly. did you do it by your self?
    its funny you bought the wedding dress, but it is such an amazing deal! can’t believe the discount!

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      A web designer and I have been working together for about 5 months now. It’s my baby and it makes me happy that you like it 🙂

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    dude, that wedding dress deal sounds awesome… you should show us pictures when you get it! x

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      Great idea. I will snap a few shots of me in the dress when I get it (I pick it up Tuesday). It’s going to be amazing, I know it.

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    Ugh sorry to hear about your new allergies, if you find an inhaler holder let me in on it, mine’s been getting a heavy workout this season and it is SO ugly!! Have an excellent grandma weekend and can’t wait to see the new site design!

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    HAHAHAHA. Cashmere, ruffles, Italian men and Grace Kelly movies, that’s not a bad group of leftovers. Hope the spray/inhaler help. And my grandmother is called Mimi – she’s feisty. It’s a good name for grandmothers. That dress deal is TOO GOOD, congrats. For under $100 I’d wear that thing everywhere. Gorgeous.

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      I’m thinking about wearing it everywhere too. I might be labeled as crazy and my family might Baker Act me but at least I’ll look good while doing so.

      What a coincidence your grandmother’s name is Mimi. It is a small world!

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    Gorgeous dress. I wonder if it would dye well? I trust you could turn it into something equally fabulous, but it’s a bit sad thinking about it losing its cohesiveness and becoming a maxi skirt… Enjoy your weekend! (And, can’t wait to see the new blog layout!)

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      That’s exactly what my manager said – to die it – but I hesitate because the ivory is such a wonderful color. I too think that it would be a shame if I cut it in two. I’m going to seriously think about it before I make any decisions.

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    Sewing Princess

    Here I have Italian men aplenty, if you like:o) Allergies are nasty especially this time of the year…but at least you found out what was bothering you. I love the dress (it will look perfect on you) and the new design. I think you could easily wear the dress as is…white is fine for the summer…and in case you suddenly decide to get married you can use it 🙂

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      Ha! Suddenly get married! Maybe I’ll come over to Italy and find a nice Italian man if I want that to happen 🙂

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    Oh, have a nice weekend! Your grandma is so pretty! And I’m really excited to see photos of your dress score! 😀

    I’m hosting my in-laws this weekend (it’s Man Friend’s birthday on Sunday), so we’ll be hanging out and I’ll be trying to sneak in some sewing on the side!

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      Oh how fun! I hope you make him a big birthday cake and that you get to squeeze in some sewing time! Stay cool. It sure is hot and humid these days!

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    Your Grandma’s a looker!
    Sorry to hear about your allergies – but at least you now know whats up!
    That is so crazy about the wedding dress! I never win anything! It would be a shame to squirrel it away for your future wedding (plus, half the fun of getting married is picking out a dress!) I like the idea of dyeing it, but know how sad that would be to do to such a pretty dress. But on the flip side maybe you’ll get more wear out of it if it were pink!

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      Pink. I like pink. A mauve would be really beautiful.

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    Love, Carrie

    Glad to hear you found out what was wrong with your chest……allergies can be the worst untreated. I am so jealous of the time you will be spending with your Grandma this weekend…..you are a lucky girl. My weekend is going to be crazy busy…..visiting family, cooking, eating watermelon, cupcakes, crafting, picnic blankets, lots of photos, birthdays, peonies from Trader Joes, hiking, puppy time, maybe a movie and who knows what else…..I’m super excited!

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      Wow you do have a lot going on! Stay sane lady and take gorgeous pictures as you always do!

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    Elle C

    Are your allergies food or air borne? I have some spring allergies (who doesn’t these days?) and I use one of these to rinse out my sinuses sometimes as often as 4X per day. Helps tremendously. It is similar to a neti pot, but I find it more effective.


    Sorry about your allergies, I hope you feel better soon.

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      Thank you for the link! I have both food and air borne allergies. Just my luck, right? Luckily I’m on the mend and have been feeling better. Hopefully my allergies were the culprit of my chest problems. Let’s keep our fingers crossed and say our Hail Mary’s!

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    I’m making bean salad to serve 50 people tonight, for a wedding tomorrow. I will be finishing my dress Saturday morning to wear to the wedding at 3! Wish me luck 😉 Actually it’s coming together nicely, I just have to hem the edges and bottom, add shoulder pads and some sort of belt/sash to hold me together. I can do this! Have a great weekend Maddie. xx

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      Oh how exciting! Wedding are always so much fun and with that bean salad and gorgeous dress (I’m sure it will turn out awesome), you’ll be the hit of the occasion!

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    Wow you bought a wedding dress? That’s so cool! But don’t wear it to a wedding undyed! lol! The bride might get mad when you show her up, lol!
    I think dyeing would be a great idea, if a bit scary!

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    Allergies are the worst. I’m attempting to successfully dodge the hay allergies this year. Not the easiest thing to do when your county has almost as many fields as houses and you date a farmer…

    I can’t wait to see your new project! This weekend I want to attempt to make a dress using just my dressform. No real patterns, just my own mosh-up. Should be interesting…

    p.s. We’re going to the NY Fabric Show in August!

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    I’ve had a hell of a time with my allergies this year. I’ve been contemplating asking my doc for a rec to an allergist. I hope that you see an improvement! And I’m sure you could come up with something chic for you new necessities ;o)

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    Heather Lou

    “I am highly allergic to everything except cashmere, ruffles, Italian men, and Grace Kelly movies”. Omg, that made me laugh sooooo hard. Get better lady! Allergies are the worst but you’ll feel so much better once you eliminate all those buggers.

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    Kinsey Mhire

    Such a lovely photo. Thank you for such a sweet comment! xo, Kinsey

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    Can’t wait to see your new finished layout! Your grandma sounds fun hehe, I drive like a grandma too =P, congratulations on winning that wedding dress! Will you show us when you wear it? It must be a beautiful dress, the way you describe it.
    Hope you have a great weekend!

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    Your gorgeous wedding dress can make you happy. I wish your happiness. Thanks for sharing.

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    You had a crazy week! I love the story about the wedding dress, though. Too funny! You just never know when you might need one, I guess.

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