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What an exciting two weeks I have had. As you can probably see, Madalynne went through a little change. Okay, okay, Madalynne went through a HUGE change. Isn’t the new look just grand?
While Madalynne was undergoing its redesign, I admit that I went through blogging withdrawals. In my six years of blogging, I never not blogged for more than a week (sorry for the double negative). But I stayed strong during those 10 or so days and kept myself busy. While the codes were be written, I danced (with lots and lots of twirling) around my apartment (solo) wearing my highest heels, fullest skirt, hot pink lipstick, and scrunchy (yes, for my high-as-could-ever-be ponytail) to the beat of old school Kenny Chesney and Bruce Springsteen. Really? No not really.
It’s a bit of a bummer that I will be away from Madalynne and blogging the first full week it is up and running. Next week I will be flying home (Florida) to attend another wedding. I wasn’t successful at the last wedding I attended, so this time I’m determined to find my future ex-husband, which means a stellar outfit is in order. Rather than be normal and wear a strapless dress I know all the other ladies attending will be wearing, I am choosing to wear this jumpsuit. The pattern… the color… the silhouette… all are just far-out, chic, and glamorous. I couldn’t, and didn’t, resist.
So I bid you adieu until I return a week from Monday. Lucky for you, I scheduled a few guests posts during my absence. Tune in to find out who…
Oh and since I didn’t get to ask you last week, I’m dying to hear what you will be up to this weekend…


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    Adore the new blog look! Somehow I missed your post on the scalloped crop top and, as I am going to work on some scalloped shorts soon, I will read and pay close attention! Have a great trip, and good luck landing Mr. Right! 😉

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    Ooh, I signed into Disqus but am not sure it would tell you this is Antoinette from clevergirl.org. Guess I need to check that profile and make sure it’s complete.

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      well now I know. Thanks for letting me know. So great to read your comments!

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    Whoa, that’s a killer jumpsuit!  You’ll look rad in that!  I’ve got a hectic weekend ahead– packing, moving stuff to the new apartment, taking the dog to the vet, haircut– but I have a friend’s birthday party to look forward to, so it should be a nice weekend!  Have a great time in Florida!

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      Good luck with the move! No more brutally hot summers in a stinky apartment

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    it looks so stinkin good.  congrats on the new look.  i am jealous.  have fun at the wedding.  i love special occasion sewing.

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      although I have recently been tinkering with more everyday sewing, I think I like special event sewing more. I like working months on a single, but magnificent, project

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    Heading to Ocean City for the weekend for some beach time with friends. I cannot wait.

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      be sure to put your sunscreen on lady!

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        Sunscreen, straw hat, beach umbrella…I’m bringing it all!

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    It looks fantastic! Congrats on such a stunning design 🙂 Well don!

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    Have fun! I’m off to a bachelorette party this weekend.

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    That jumpsuit is really something quite stellar and special.  I hope you take some photos of it – such a unique and stunning piece and beats the predictable strapless wedding attire any day!

    I am having people over for cupcakes and then hopefully exploring a place called boulder field this weekend.  Of course grocery shopping and laundry are in order as well – but that’s not nearly as fun.  
    Happy travels!  xx Marisa

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      I will definitely take pictures. I’m quite intrigued by your cupcake party. What a neat idea!

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    The look is gorgeous! And, I find that occasional downtime helps me be more creative.

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    Heather Lou

    Love the new look my love! That jumpsuit is the pajamas of a very hepcat! Have a wonderful time.

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    Love your blog design– so beautiful.

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    Meg the Grand

    The blog looks positively lovely!!!  The jumpsuit is totally perfect for a wedding, and good luck on finding your future ex-husband (LOVE that)!

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    Amanda Russell

    Oh that jumpsuit is sooooo pretty… i pinned it to my style inspiration… though I’m probably not willowy enough to actually wear it, I can live vicariously through you… we’ll need lots of pics please!! 😀

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    It looks really pretty (pretty colors!) and I love the simple illustrations.

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